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BloodRayne 2 Born from the unnatural union of vampire and human, BloodRayne is blessed with the powers of a vampire but cursed with the unquenchable thirst for blood and a weakness to sunlight. BloodRayne 2 challenges the supernatural anti-heroine with her most personal battle yet as she hunts down each of her wicked siblings who are carrying on the legacy of their dead father, Kagan. They have created "The Shroud," a mysterious substance which, when released, renders the sun?s lethal rays harmless to vampires. Now only BloodRayne stands between an unsuspecting humanity and a horrifying vampire dawn. Expanding upon the distinctive features that were the hallmark of its predecessor ? fast-paced acrobatic combat and supernatural powers ? BloodRayne 2 includes new in-game dynamics such as pole combat, rail sliding and advanced melee fighting with fatality moves. Built upon a modified version of the Infernal Engine, BloodRayne 2 introduces threatening new bosses, all new environments set within a huge modern day city, a range of new supernatural powers and new motion-captured movements complete with soft-body physics. [Majesco]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 69 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2214
Genre Action, Shooter, Third-Person, Fantasy, Arcade
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Majesco Games , Majesco / Terminal Reality
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BloodRayne 2 reviews ( 5 )

Donbazzil, Sep 17, 2006

Absolutely fabulous game, its nothing other than addictive. Great gameplay, awesome storyline, excellent voiceovers. I can't wait for another installment.

t0nytzu, Oct 27, 2012

Bloodrayne 2 was like the best looking game I have ever played in 2005 and the fact that rayne was actually opening her mouth when talking was impressive....I first saw bloodrayne 2 in a pc games magazine where it was rated on the second place before gta san andreas..I felt that controls where good and that graphics were amazing ,well, back in 2005 .The gameplay is great and in concordance with the music which makes you wanna blow up thinks and slash enemies.If you have controls problems try lowering the mouse sensibility or configure buttons.I had no problems with the controls at all.Honestly I don't know why reviewers where so harsh on this game it makes me feel disappointed with them.yes it may be a little linear but this makes it special and helps guiding you trough the cool revengeful story step by step. BLOODRAYNE 2 is definitely a must have game and you should not care what others think.

ShadowHawk81, Sep 21, 2007

If it weren't for the goofy controls and crazy camera I might give it an 8. I mean, Tomb Raider Legend and Anniversary are games that show well thought 3rd person control. I think the hack and slash and graphics and animation all look nice and there is a story. But, the Hack-and-Slash just feels hollow to me. AI barely a challenge. But when a boss, it basically takes no coordination at all. Just rapidly hitting the right buttons at the right time. Too much a console game, shouldnt have made it to the PC like a few other. Tomb Raider Legend and Anniversary however, do much better. And Lara Croft is a more realistic character type to feel somewhat connected to the gameplay and story. I dont connect well with playing as monsters and villians.

ShodanSpectre, Aug 30, 2017

A downgrade from the first game. In the first game - Rayne truly feels like a superpowered being that slices through mere mortals with ease and a sarcastic satisfaction - but must still watch out for and dodge anti-tank grenades and other seriously heavy weapons that do get used against her. In this game, Rayne struggles against guys with iron bars, shovels, and light arms. Using the harpoon multi-directional throw to do solve really stupid scripted scenes is lame. Like, keep throwing bodies into a garbage truck till it "chokes" and... falls on its side. Yeah, it's as dumb as it sounds. Rayne also became extremely hydrophobic, while in the original game water was mildly burning here it's almost insta-death. No more weapons to use. The "Carpathian Dragons" blood pistols are pretty much useless from the start. And barely useful if you use cheat codes to upgrade them to max level and refill ammo - but doing that normally would require endless usage of them in their useless modes. This game is very hard in the wrong, needlessly tedious ways. It has lots of stupid, scripted scenes that don't make logical sense, and you've initially no clue how to get past them - and once you figure it out - you're like "Really? What were the devs smoking to come up with this?". In the original the enemies were hard and there were many ways to take them out. In this game you're mostly fighting the awkward combat mechanics, and the stupid scripted puzzles, rather than challenging enemies. Rayne's awesome sarcastic/dark humor is also completely gone. The original game's Thule chapel scene, or the one with the tank-mech boss... Or "The butch-_, khm, pardon me, the Doctor" (c) scene Nothing similar to that in here. The bosses are just lame and also ugly A.F. Do yourself a favor - play the first game and skip this one.

HC, Sep 17, 2006

Never in my life have I been so utterly enraged at a game's complete lack of any useful control or idiotic disparity between enemies. Within ten minutes of starting this game up, I wanted my money back. BR1 was a masterstroke of low-to-medium budget game design. Stylish, simple, and sexy, it had its frustrations, but was well worth the twenty bucks I paid for it. Even at BR1's worst moments, at least the controls did what I told them to. Not so much in BR2. The only positive thing I can say about BR2 is that it sure is pretty. Whee. Can't jump, can't kick, and what on earth is the point of having fifty moves if none of them actually DO anything? At least in other button mashers, and definitely in BR1, you could plan a tactic or strategy to counter an enemy's move. BR2? Don't bother. I am in full agreement that this game should never have been released for the PC. I have been cheated out of my money.