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Bloody Good Time Bloody Good Time takes a new and irreverent approach to multiplayer shooters and will run on Valve's Source engine, a well-known specialized 3D game engine for classic multiplayer shooters. Bloody Good Time puts players on a Hollywood set, where they get to choose their thrill. From a spring-break beach house, to a horrifying Vegas hotel, players will discover the merciless world of movie studios where anyone can star in a scary Hollywood blockbuster film. There is an option link up to eight players online in this first-person shooter and to have a multiplayer experience like no other.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 922
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Rail, Modern, Arcade
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / Ubisoft

Bloody Good Time reviews ( 4 )

pcgamereviewer, Apr 8, 2012

For $5- you get a lot of content for buck. Sure it's only 3 maps but what you have to look at here is it's fun, addicting and will last for hours. Plus there are hardly any bugs plus the unique gameplay instilled in this, just makes it even more fun. Also, P.S. Did I mention it runs on the source engine - any game that runs on this whether made by Valve (people who made Steam) or not, is winning and always plays good and is essentially a good game. For what it's worth it's addicting and will keep you for days, if not months. Btw. there isn't a big online community, about 20 servers, every day but solo with bots is just as good and you can earn all the achievements in this mode as well so your not missing out on anything, you can basically do all the same modes, set maps and difficulty as well. It hasn't picked off unfortunately but do tell your friends as this is quite a good game. I mean $5 and it's one of the cheapest I've seen but you can have loads of fun with this. It's like assassins creed - brotherhood multiplayer, gameplay-wise but with silly cartoonish graphics and cliche movie-star characters and some dangerous environmental-trap kills as well as fame- stars you get for each kill. There are plenty of game-modes too, so if you don't like HUNT mode - 1 person after a target and you also have a hunter out after you, you can switch to deathmatch, free-for-all and in-between each round mini-rounds which have game-modes like infection, kill-the-leader, etc. With unique graphics (still realistic and think better than Half Life 2) this game is a bloody good time! It doesn't have a lot of blood like on the trailer but kills and stabbing people has never-ever been this fun. Maps can suit up to 8 people each time on a game (multiplayer) with 8 different characters to choose from - no differences, just different taunts or humiliations to pull off/perform but I know with solo (CAREER mode) it's 8 as well but if you access console and change it to 18, I think. Anyway bloody good game and have a bloody good time playing it - so get it and buy it now, I demand you! 10/10 for what it's worth and how much content you get with it. Great little game to have a bit of fun with and great if your friends all decide to buy and get it, too - LAN battles FTW. SO much fun! It's also available on Steam (PC) for $5 and Xbox 360 around 400 MSP (microsoft points which is basically $5 again on Live) but not on PS3, as of yet/current!

tvaughan, Oct 29, 2012

Completely under-rated game, easily worth the tiny price this sells at (bought on sale for

DeathSpankIL, Jan 27, 2011

A clever little action game. Not for your average Halo-tard, but generally very unique and strategic in its own special way. For less than 5$, it's a steal.

AWG, Jul 7, 2013

Bloody Good Time looks and sounds like a great game but I guess you have to dedicate some time to it and, most important thing, play with some of your friends.