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Blue Estate Blue Estate is a black-humoured and corrosive rail shooter, adapted from the graphic novel, Blue Estate by Viktor Kalvachev.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 61 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1582
Genre General, Rail, Action, Shooter, Light Gun
Company / Developer
HeSaw / HeSaw

Blue Estate reviews ( 4 )

KillerIsDead, Apr 12, 2015

Based upon Viktor Kalvachev's graphic novels, "Blue Estate" oozes pulp aesthetic from every pore! It's essentially a Tarantino flick gone on-rails shooter, and a glowing love letter to the heydays of arcade shooters like "Time Crisis" and "The House of the Dead". The console release got a lot of slack by major review outlets for its alleged racism, misogyny and overall 'tasteless' humor (I'm looking at you, IGN...) -- which led to review scores mainly reflecting the authors' disapproval of the game's cynical tone rather than its actual gameplay qualities. However, while "Blue Estate" might present its whimsical world and douchebag delinquents in a crass manner, I wouldn't deem any of its content overtly offensive -- particularly not when compared to other politically-incorrect games like GTAV or Saints Row. The visuals, utilizing the tried-and-true Unreal 3 Engine, are splendid and perfectly capture the title's comic roots. It's not a particularly 'next-gen' looking game in terms of textures and effects, but its sleek, vibrant look, somewhere along the lines of "The Darkness II" and "Saints Row 2", greatly intertwines with the comic-stills footage. The story is nothing to write home about, just all your mafia film cliches in a nutshell, really (one-man army vs. cannon fodder, la familia is law, shoot first etc.). Yet it's delivered in an exaggerated and charmingly whacky way that makes for a jolly good time. Protagonist Tony Luciano is a complete moron as well as a psychopath, but you'll grow fond of him eventually as the silly plot unfolds. The KB+mouse controls are spot-on, and, most importantly for an on-rails shooter, the locations are varied and colorful while the enemy/boss encounters needn't shy away from any free-roaming FPS. Even the QTE segments, which prompt you to either use directional buttons or your mouse, are fun since the game is surprisingly responsive to your inputs/motions. Ultimately, your enjoyment of "Blue Estate" might hinge on whether you can appreciate its deliberately cheesy, self-aware humor and stereotyped characters. Political/social white knights will likely find no value in it. But, merely judged on its (niche) genre merits, it's a near-flawless experience, and arguably the best on-rails shooter since "The House of the Dead: Overkill".

MadJaples, Apr 15, 2015

I remember the last time I played a game of similar ilk to this I was vastly unimpressed. Rambo was it's name I believe, and it should have stayed untouched. This attempt at an on-rails shootfest is vastly superior in every way.'s funny. This can be a fiendishly difficult shooter at times, but with one hot chick to look at, gags nearly one every minute, and multiple bad guys almost every second, coupled with a killer soundtrack makes this a perfect addition to anyone's game collection. I've played some dire on-rails efforts in my time, this is most definitely not one of them.

zimmer600, Aug 19, 2017

Rather not a bad shooting range, although I'm not very familiar with the genres of tiers, but this game gave me pleasure, thanks to my style and humor.

Plutarco, Apr 30, 2015

The only good things of this game are the hot girl and the funny dialogues. Despite the good graphics the game is extremely poor in some aspects: 1. No checkpoints (terrible, terrible and stupid mistake) 2. No option for automatic reload of your weapon. 3. Excessive number of enemies. Where do they come from? Is there any nearby factory constantly producing bad guys like if they were ants? Missions are too long and extremely difficult because after the millions of enemies that you are forced to kill, you just run out of lives, there are no checkpoints and you have to start it over again. BOOORING!