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Blueberry Garden Blueberry Garden is a short experimental game about curiosity and exploration. You take on the role of a creature investigating a mysterious world to find out what is going on there. It’s probably not very much like anything you’ve played before but I hope you will find it enjoyable! [Eric Svedang]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 70 / 100
User rating
Downloads 878
Genre Miscellaneous, General
Company / Developer
Erik Svedang / Erik Svedang

Blueberry Garden reviews ( 7 )

JackO, Jun 29, 2009

An excellent one-man indie project (though don't forget Daduk's music) - You won't find a game here in the sense we're usually led to expect these days, but a 2d playground involving a simple but smoothly simulated ecosystem of both plants and animals - and a subtle but cruel timelimit you'll have to discover for yourself. If you think you'd enjoy a thought-provoking and beautiful toy to play with for a few hours, something quite unique that will reward investigation and creativity - you'll probably enjoy Blueberry Garden. There is no standard against which to criticise such an unusual game. It should suffice to say I found nothing to complain about, and found only pleasant surprises - no broken promises. A ten, for being different and never making me want to break my keyboard - for being pure pleasure, inciting and rewarding curiosity over and again. - Jack

DoubleC, Aug 11, 2009

A wonderful experience for a single afternoon! If you like games with little to no instructions and just the urge to explore, you should try this. Also very great from an artistic perspective, great mood! Minor cons are: Little reward when finishing (apart from the great feeling it gives you), a bit empty when flying high, a clock to track your resolution time and add replayability or additional levels.

andrew77, Aug 16, 2012

it was short but I tell you it was worth it. there was so much creativity and I really enjoyed playing through it. I think most of the guys that don't like it are video game experts that can figure out the puzzles too quickly. I am an average guy that plays perhaps 8-10 hours a week total and it was a bit challenging to finally complete.

AdamR., Jul 1, 2009

Not very substantial. There's not a lot to do, not a lot of variety, and not a lot of depth to the stuff you do. You don't feel very rewarded for your actions. But the game is worth 5 dollars, if barely. If your into the indie scene and experimental games, its worth the small price tag. I bought it, and I don't regret it, but its not going to set the world on fire.

ritardedartkid, Jul 20, 2013

This game may have won some awards, but I honestly can't say why. There is very little to do, very little to explore, and the ending wasn't even worth finishing the game for.

tdc, Oct 1, 2012

It felt empty. Honestly this isn't an experiment. This isn't really a game. It took me all of 45 minutes to beat. There is hardly even a level, more of an introduction to something that might have been a game. It could be a neat idea, but for $5, that's all you're getting, an idea.

D.S., Aug 19, 2009

Dont listen to those claims of its "experimentalism" and its fake "indie" awards. The only real experiment here is how many people will buy a virtually contentless game. And litterally, I meant it has NO content. The is nothing to do, no point at all no story, 2d graphics.... Sure its got a little art style but thats about it. Once this game is free, maybe It might just be worth a little curiousity. At the moment, theres nothing here to waste a penny on.