Blues and Bullets - Episode 1: The End of Peace Crack/Patch

Blues and Bullets - Episode 1: The End of Peace Eliot Ness, the former leader of the legendary Untouchables, wished only to spend the rest of his days working in his diner, not dwelling too much on the cesspit of corruption his city, Santa Esperanza, had degenerated into. But things rarely go as planned.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1799
Genre Action Adventure, General
Company / Developer
A Crowd of Monsters / A Crowd of Monsters

Blues and Bullets - Episode 1: The End of Peace reviews ( 7 )

Gorthezar, Jul 29, 2015

This games offers a really interesting take on the telltale style of game. It has a great noir story and some rather interesting and cool investigation mechanics. It also has a bit of shooting which was cool since shooting really isn't something you see a lot in these types of games. The noir style is really cool and well used in this game. I've got to say I think this is a excellent start for this series. Quality graphics, superb sound, music and voice action (main hero is the voice of Geralt from Witcher 3) and outstanding story. I am very much awaiting the next episode.

CaraDavies, Sep 6, 2015

Tell Tale Games achieved great success with their hugely popular Walking Dead episodic video- game series, which allowed players choices to carry over between episodes creating a really individual gaming experience that maintained a sense of continuity and immersion despite the sometimes clunky controls. Crowd Monsters have just released a new episodic game in the same vein called Blues and Bullets-Episode One; and after playing through the first episode I’m not only hooked, I’m super excited for this evolving style of game. Which allows the player to change the outcome of the game based on small character interactions and the writer’s to weave a complex and engaging storyline while maintaining a natural flow to the game that makes every decision seem important whether it’s charming a receptionist or deciding whether to spare someone’s life. By being able to carry save data to each new Episode as they come out this emerging game series adds a whole a whole dynamic to the current game industry that appears to be engaging fans in a more personalised experience helping to retain fans. Blues and Bullets is highly stylised, set within the declining years of Al Capone and the mafia culture in the corrupt city of Santa Esperanza, the settings and textures are gorgeous. The games jumping between the main character, Patton’s past and present trials adds a rich back story and makes even the most morally questionable characters sympathetic to the player. Patton is the ultimate anti-hero, a former detective, with a vigilante streak he tries to use his powers to fight corrupt forces within his society while fighting his inner demons! This is what makes the character’s journeys so compelling, the AI and NPCs are really great, your team actually helps in combat rather than hindering or just standing in enemy fire, and AI’s adapt to your tactics pretty quickly. Even the non-main character parties have individual and changeable personalities which again adds to the sense of playing in a living world. While actions sequences are well balanced, melee attacks are primarily the more traditional games quick time events, however the shooting missions are challenging, using a duck and cover system, making them a lot of fun if you turn the difficult up a notch and try not to rage quit! My only complaint would be it’s a little too linear for my tastes but that’s probably a generic necessity so to keep the story moving along and the different sceneries help to stop it becoming monotonous. Also Patton may need a little speed increase in the next episode as it feels slightly slowly placed, and tuck the damn man’s tie into his sweater- its distracting!! Overall, Blues and Bullets seems like a game that has a lot of love, effort and potential behind this series. It was actually quite long for an episode release, taking around 2-4 hours to finish, and it’s definitely one to keep an eye on as it continues to develop its story, which from the set up looks like it’s going to get insane and pretty complex!

AresuKido, Aug 21, 2015

Blues And Bullets, at least its first episode, is a pretty nice game. Is an episodic history about Elliot Ness, with a noir style, good script, nice graphics, wonderful music, and the most important thing, a game that you cannot begin without finish it. I am waiting the second chapter like no one.

Ddshcnick, Aug 21, 2015

Good game , despite the mediocre graphics.The plot is intriguing you , though not completely , and neighing . The most interesting , severe, episodic game this year. I am waiting for their next episode.

Mazomou, May 13, 2016

It's a very interesting game when we start to talking about the story. It flows in a very nice way. But in the other hand, the gameplay it isn't so good. After sometime of game play, the game makes you fight with some ghosts that it just Elliot's imagination. It was totally unnecessary. The game is made by a small studio, so the gameplay is something that can be apologize.

Rem, Aug 24, 2015

Blues and Bullets already screams crime noir from the title alone, but does it really have the guts to delve into its inspired roots or is the title simply misleading? Rest assured that this episodic adventure game from a Spanish team really picks up and shows promise in a genre long forgotten by gamers. Right off the bat in the first scene alone, the game has this stark contrast between black and white with touches of red dotting in once in a while. It's poignant and nostalgic and serves the setting well but mostly it's to mask the really crude texture work hidden in the darkness and the poor shadow work, though this isn't made with a big budget, so it's understandable. What the game gets right in the first few minutes it's the score. It's noir soul basically but the tracks in this game are very powerful and more fitting with the dark undertones of the game. The protagonist, Elliot Ness (who seemingly sounds too much like Geralt of Rivia) is your typical down on his luck detective with a love for violence and whiskey. It's typical in films and tv but seeing this sort of character in gaming with as plenty of backstory is rare and it's breath of fresh air to walk in his shoes. The writing also follows up on the positive side with it being relative to the genre once more. Sardonic quips and comebacks mixed with self hatred and dark comic saturate this game, and it works fantastic. Each character has their own identity though they have yet to be fully fleshed out since this is the first episode. The dark nature of crime noir gets a notch up in this game with one particular sequence being bathed in blood and gore so caution for those weak in the heart, this is not a game for fun. The mechanics in contrast to this game however reveal the weakest aspect of the game. I understand that there are limitations given the small company, but even moving the character felt sluggish, shooting (while not an important aspect) was incredibly stilted and uneventful, and the animations range from passable to awkwardly stilted. The choices made in this game have yet to bear fruit, but I doubt I will be making a second run till the next episode fans out since you pretty much play the same scenes through and through. The games I can compare this most to are Life is Strange and The Walking Dead since they too were episodic and focused on your choices. Blues and Bullets is instantly captivating and compelling from the start and rears you into an adult tale of missing children and violence that has me excited for the next episode.

MrLatonna, Aug 11, 2015

When you do episodic games one of the first, or rather, main objectives is to create a story compelling enough to make you want to play the rest of the season. "Blues and Bullets" fails on this account but still manages to pull some intrigue for me to want to see if the next episode can be better. Indeed, this episode is bad. The writing is pretty darn lacking, the character models look awful and the tone tries to compel the noir film style, failing terribly to the point that seems a farce. There is a solid sequence that uses very, very well the noir movie style, which is a simple expository scene but done in an interesting way. Still, I feel that they botched the way it's presented. It would probably benefited a lot to the narrative if it was used at the beginning of the game. On the negative side, apart from what I already said there are more specific complaints that I have that might be just petty: At one point you have a sort of recreation of a murder scene and the model of the assassin is clearly and without a doubt the same model that a prominent character uses, so there goes the whole whodunnit. But I just may be wrong about that, I hope. There is another thing that bothered me when presented with a photographic camera Elliot Ness shows surprise. "What is that?" says Ness at a moment in time where cameras not only had been invented but where very much perfected. In fact, the camera that is shown is so outdated for that moment in time that makes me think that the producers of this game didn't do much of investigation. And to conclude, the ending, the very last sequence of the episode, is utterly absurd. I won't spoil it, of course, but truly trust me when I tell you that is totally B movie stuff. In closing, as I said before, I will play the second episode but not out of love for the first, I will play it out of curiosity if it can be a good game overall. Let's keep those fingers crossed.