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Boiling Point: Road to Hell Boiling Point: Road to Hell combines intense armed combat with exploration and interaction with a vast and seamless open-ended gaming world. In Boiling Point: Road to Hell, gamers travel to the present day jungles of South America and battle competing factions in a brutal guerrilla war. Developer Deep Shadows' innovative game engine streams the beautifully rendered environment, creating a non-linear gameplay experience, with no loading times or separate levels, creating a continuous world spanning hundreds of miles. To make the most of the environment, a massive range of vehicles are at the disposal of the player, as well as a vast array of weapons. The wide open game world features an array of different AI factions with which the player can interact, and hundreds of diverse missions to create an original experience each time the game is played. Combined with the vast seamless gaming world, the result is gameplay freedom and replayability on an unprecedented scale. [Atari]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 63 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1246
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Modern, Arcade
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Atari , Atari SA / Deep Shadows

Boiling Point: Road to Hell reviews ( 6 )

RagDoll, May 26, 2005

This game includes loads of bugs, but otherwise - one of the greatest game iv'e ever played..! I recommend it to everyone. The gameplay is so free and addictive, i really love it!

NAM, Jul 10, 2005

While a more traditional shooter would just throw together a series of levels of blasting until you catch up with your errant child, Deep Shadows has essentially just made a valley and then left you to it.So what do you do to find your daughter? Well, logically enough, you can start asking people about the town and then go and ask her employee. This uncovers clues and leads, which you can then pursue. Someone needs a favour before they'll tell you what's going on? Well, get in a car and head off to see if you can fulfil the need. Short on cash? Try taking on jobs for one of the representatives of the game's many factions.While the actual model for both combat and stealth is relatively simple, they're functional enough. And it's not really about the combat anyway, with the majority of the game spent exploring, conversing and working out what to do next. The most satisfying missions are the ones where, by examining at the situation, you manage to work out a clever solution rather than simply doing the expected. Just because the files you have to steal are in the middle of a heavily guarded Mafia base doesn't mean you have to kill every guard there.. thats why I love those games, thats why i buy those games, thats why i enjoy those games. of course half life2 and farcry are great games too, i own them too, but this is different, more like a morrowind-shooter.

MorkB., Feb 27, 2007

Simply put, if Atari hadn't rushed the game, its would have received review scores in the low 80's. The tech issues are what make it crappy.

RUST, Mar 14, 2012

Found this for £3 in the local CEX. In its day this could be called very ambitious, even genius in some levels. Alas, it lends too much from its inspirations, such as Far Cry and GTA, and lacked the coat of polish it deserved. But for £3, I'm very satisfied.

AlienSpaceBats, Jul 28, 2011

A great idea poorly executed, Boiling Point turned me off almost immediately with its stodgy interface, nasty character animations, bad graphics, textures and awful voice-acting.

SlackS., Jun 5, 2006

One of the most spectacularly awful games I've ever played. Tries and fails to be too many different things. It just gets everything completely wrong. Let me give you a brief list. Clumsy shooter action, horrible vehicle control, half-baked RPG elements, laughable script/voice acting, extremely primitive character interaction/AI, awful graphics performance, rough sound effects, bad interface design... I could go on. This only scratches the surface of what's wrong with just the gameplay, if you could call it that. I haven't even mentioned the bugs yet. Despite not one but two patches, the game is still completely broken. I'm dumbfounded at some of the high review scores for this game. It's absolutely terrible. Avoid it at all costs.