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Bomber Crew Chocks away! Bomber Crew is a strategic simulation game, where picking the right crew and keeping your bomber in tip top shape is the difference between completing your mission or losing it all.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1085
Genre Simulation, Flight, Combat
Company / Developer
Curve Digital / Runner Duck

Bomber Crew reviews ( 2 )

Terrier, Oct 29, 2017

Its one of those games that aren't for everybody. First, it requires multi tasking and its not the same than to click faster than other games. You are controlling a crew of 7 people. Second, YOU WILL KILL YOUR CREW many times, its CRUEL (specially considering that your crew is really cute) but its the war. However, you can enroll a new crew for free and again and again. Later, you could learn to survive your crew, earning money and obtaining more intel, then building a new plane and arming your crew. Also, your crew could learn some tricks. Even for the difficulty, the game is quite simple. I am seasoned with flight simulators. Its not a flight simulator so learning is quite easy. Later, you should learn some tricks such as the altitude, tracking new routes and so on. My main complain is repetitive but other that, is the DARK SOUL of the bomber games. I repeat, its not for everybody. If you aren't good for multitasking, then its not your game. Each missions lasts a 5-10 minutes but you will feel that it lasted an hour, its really stressful. btw, the latest update 28 october added new features and keys.

sreven199, Oct 20, 2017

Bomber crew is a charming little WW2 bomber sim where you control seven crew members of an Avro Lancaster, From the pilot, to the gunners, to the bombardier. It's blocky artstyle is cute, functional, and lends itself well to the game. Crew members names can be personalized to your liking, however their looks are randomly generated. All in all, There's a lot of potential here for this game, but there are some things that the Devs should add to make the better. As it stands, Bomber crew is not an easy game. Especially in it's current state. The first couple missions are easy enough. Go here, bomb target, shoot down a couple planes, take some reconnaissance photos, return to base. Pretty fun. But soon, (Very soon) the game spikes in difficulty. Throwing waves and waves of fighters (That all need to be individually marked by you for your gunners to fire at them) and walls of flak at you, while you struggle to have your engineer run around repairing all the damage and healing the gunners, if they're not already dead. (Yes, there is Permadeath) Not only that, but you also have to keep targeting waypoints for your pilot to follow, less he fly off in the wrong direction and Whoops! There goes all your fuel. There's been talk of adding a "Pause" or "Time slow" button to help with these frantic moments. Only time will tell if that much needed feature does get added in. Personally, I'd rather have an "Action queue" mechanic like it most other RTS's, where you shift click multiple orders to a crewman and they do them all in the order you clicked them. Here's a concise list of Pros and Cons I noticed during my time so far with Bomber Crew. Pros: -Charming Art Style -Lots and Lots of customization and upgrades, both in plane and crew. -Addictive gameplay -In-depth management -TONS of potential Neutral: -Soundtrack is nothing special -Extremely arcadey physics, but what do you expect? DCS? -Not a historical representation. Please don't take it as such. -No real story. It's WW2. Sometimes you bombs historically significant targets. Cons: -Large difficulty spike within the first couple hours, which can lead to frustration. -Only one bomber, being the Lancaster (Possibility of more being added later) -Management is not efficient. Everything needs to be done individually, and in some cases simultaneously -Missions get samey. Bomb this depot, bomb this artillery location, deliver supplies to this pilot. -Crew member's appearance cannot be customized. Who you get is what you're stuck with. -Not enough feedback to the player. I always seem to die because somehow a fire starts in the cockpit and the pilot jumps out and then the plane just nosedives into the sea. I want to love this game. I REALLY do. But there's still some things that the devs should look into before this game can be a solid one.