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Bombshell (2016) Bombshell is an Action Role-Playing game in which bomb disposal technician turned mercenary for hire, Shelly "Bombshell" Harrison must strong-arm her way across FOUR planets in an Unreal Engine-powered galactic adventure to rescue the president (and humanity) from an apocalyptic alien threat.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 45 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1194
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Company / Developer
3D Realms / Interceptor Entertainment

Bombshell (2016) reviews ( 7 )

atomaweapon, Feb 5, 2016

It boggles my mind how some reviewers can be so hateful and negative, especially professional game publications. The gamespot review was so snotty and hateful I immediately bought the game and found myself enjoying it. It surely is not earth shattering but it's that mindless fun that you can pick up after a long day and just play. The controls are a little wonky at first but once you get the flow it's fun. The story is a little corny and the main character a little much but is solid. You can't go wrong at 30 bucks for this title if this is your type of game. I actually enjoyed it more than DIablo because of the ability to use a controller. The story is fun but goofy but personally I feel it's better than diablos. Overall if watching one of the videos remotely entices you, pick it up, it's a fun game by a small developer that will keep you entertained inbetween big budget titles that big gaming publications like gamespot get paid to review high.

Omid_Zaraki, May 29, 2016

wow this game is awsome very fun gameplay lovely character' beautiful environments and level design hardcore boss fights its all good for me and i play bombshell for hours and i enjoy the game thanks to 3d realms for bombshell

AragornEstel, Jan 30, 2016

Bombshell is an action shooter where you get to play as protagonist, Shelly Harrison. The game is a great throwback to the 90's with a lot of references to that time period . it's clear that the devs went for the kind of cheesy humour that was dominant in many games and movies of that time while still trying to add a serious element to Shell. The game controls feel extremely fluent - especially using the Xbox Controller on PC feels great. The graphics are beautifully crafted and through the game you get to visit a number of alien worlds with a lot of diversity in enemies and scenery. Bombshell's robotic arm one of the strong elements of this game, and it gives you a bunch of options and choices and you quickly learn that some weapons are strong against certain enemies while being puny against others. The quests in the game can get repetitive, but I found myself coming back to play more and progress through the story. Also, the story itself is perhaps not the strongest, but it definitely works with the 90s sort of feeling you get from the game. I would recommend this game to people who enjoy a good action game with a bad-as protagonist.

beerandgame, Jan 31, 2016

Bombshell has good graphics, a script of absurd action, unrestrained and somewhat repetitive gameplay, however, is quite new and interesting bet, not a masterpiece, but it is an acceptable game.

Hadzi, Jan 31, 2016

The game itself looked really good before the release and a lot of people were recommending it but after they played it for a few hours then the recommendations stopped. It has a lot of bugs and not so impressive boss fights. Game looked promising but it was not delivered correctly, it looks like it was rushed out of development. Good idea but bad execution of it. I sadly do not recommend this game because it has a bad acting, repetitive, i barely noticed the RPG aspect of the game. There will be patches for the bugs but i it is getting closer to the latest Batman game situation. It is definitely not worth your money

Prosmooth, Jan 29, 2016

Here's a tip for game developers. If you know you've made a game that's not very good--don't name it something that can be used against you in reviews. "Bombshell really bombs" doesn't make a very good review blurb. If you're going to go that route though, you might as well have titled this thing Crapburger. This game stinks.

ThecriticGoD, Mar 15, 2016

I've probably never seen a game this bad, where do I start... I mean, do I even have to start? Everything in the game is just bad, EVERYTHING, I'm not even kidding, there's not a single thing that is gonna make this game worth it's price, damn, it's not even worth a single euro. This is the only 0 I've ever given, but a very firm and safe one, this is the worst game I've played in my whole life.