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Borderlands 2 Borderlands 2 advances the distinct blending of FPS and role-playing genres to create an evolution of the Role Playing Shooter. Team up with up to 3 other players for 4-player online goodness or go old-school with 2-player split-screen couch sharing mayhem as you spend hours leveling up your character and equipping them with one of the millions of badass weapons. Borderlands 2 features a new array of procedurally generated guns, shields, grenades, artifacts, enemies and more. Choose one of the 4 new character classes to be taken through a carefully crafted and connected story to all new and surprising environments across the living planet of Pandora. Make new friends, arm them to the teeth and fight alongside them on your relentless quest for revenge and redemption.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 91 / 100
User rating
Downloads 22030
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Sci-Fi, Arcade
Company / Developer
2K Games / Gearbox Software
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Borderlands 2 reviews ( 7 )

chechaboy, May 15, 2014

Well...I need to say that this thing is f**ing amazing, I've never got so addicted to a game before, the game is awesome, and has that improvement on the history that I know that everybody wanted, and the DLC's came to get me crazy....I....I can't even say how much I love this game, just waiting for the pre-sequel

GizmoRobin, Apr 13, 2014

Amazing game! wonderful gameplay, amazing story, hilarious humor! What more can you ask for a game? It's funny, good, amazing, wonderful! (Especially in Co-Op!) If i could i would rate this game: 87 Gazzilion / 10!

Moses89, Sep 19, 2012

Damn near perfect, even for a console port. It is early on launch day yet it feels crisp and clean. Controlling your character is far easier this time around as the control are much better developed for the PC. The humor is dark, although the story is a little more serious this time around. About an hour in to the game you really want to kill Handsome Jack, and if you still think he is a cool dude by then you're pretty **** up. If you liked Borderlands you will find that this is a true sequel that lives up to the hype. They did a great job of melding the story of Borderlands with Borderlands 2. I know, I know they are sequels but GearBox didn't really set the first game up for having a sequel. I guess since the story in the original was kinda of lacking it makes sense that it was easy to mold the two together. Overall Borderlands 2 is a great improvement on the original connecting with friends is far easier now that Steam has been fully integrated, even though it is still a little buggy when connecting initially. Maybe the best improvement they have made is the size of the game. The world feels large and looks large, not the mention it is beautiful. I can run this game on almost the highest setting on my laptop. (Note: I do have a ASUS RoG laptop designed for games but it is kind of dated) If you have a computer that can handle CoD you will be fine.

Conejin, Mar 26, 2014

This game is really fun. Seriously, its not terrible unbalanced like the first game, where you will level up too fast and enemy's will likely present no threat at all. You can unlock better weapons by loot, or by using rare keys, which will give you great and unique weapons or shields. You can also unlock achievements which instead of giving you XP like in the first game, will give you the chance to give your character a really tiny boost in health, shield, ammo, damage etc. (Forever) It offers more variety of enemy's, and the game fells more "alive". The characters are interesting and the humor is good (Not like a "HAHAHAHAHAHA" type of humor but it will make you laugh sometimes.) The storyline is better (Well, now there is ACTUALLY a story line) Oh, I forgot, the ending doesn't suck like in the first one.

muzmuz, Nov 16, 2015

Borderlands 2 is an action-packed open-world FPS RPG that any gamer of the same genre/s will love. I haven't played BL1 but I'm already a huge fan of the series.

isg1983, Jul 18, 2013

A bit of mmo, bit of fps, and a bit of everything cool... Like Dishonored tried to do so... It would cut for the youngsters who just started to play kind of games but it would definitely not enough balanced for the oldsters like me who started to play games like early 90's... So... It is fun, but just mediocre, if you are not "really" new to this genre you may even really like this...

lolnomansskylol, Dec 4, 2016

god damn is the writing in this game cringey, if not ridiculous with how much meme pandering they put into it. Another problem what this game has is terrible characters that either sound annoying or just straight up act like poo. Then theres the fact that most of the enemies in the game are bullet sponges. But oh wait you could just get a rare gun and take em down easily, but no the game is filled to the brim with garbage loot