Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx Crack/Patch

Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx (Downloadable Content) Borderlands goes to ELEVEN! You may have seen some games raise their level cap by 5, or maybe even 10, but with The Crimson Lance Assassination Squads wreaking havoc and Crawmerax the Invincible being all invulnerable and stuff we knew you'd need more than just 10. And that's why Borderlands goes to ELEVEN! The Secret Armory of General Knoxx is an add-on pack for Borderlands that adds new guns, new Class Mods, new vehicles, new missions, new enemy types, and increases the level cap to 61. []

Download Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx Crack/Patch

Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 88 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1313
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Sci-Fi, Arcade
Company / Developer
2K Games / Gearbox Software

Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx reviews ( 7 )

somethingguy912, May 29, 2013

The Armory of General Knoxx is the third and panultimate DLC in the first Borderlands collection, not only being the satisfying and most sustenant of the DLC's so far but also being the most worthwhile, with an additional 11-level cap, loot area (that can be glitched to do over and over again), many new vehicles and more unique enemies. I firmly believe that this DLC alone allowed Gearbox to capture what they could in the forthcoming Borderlands 2, as you can see with the much more fleshed out Lance Cavalry. Although there is the unfortunate exclusion of multiple fast travel networks in the DLC (which only having one), and the story not mainly focusing on a Vault-specific but loot-oriented ending, this still can plenty enough of your time and focus to forgive these. General Knoxx himself is quite humorous at times, being a more sympathetic villain towards you despite his permission for you to kill himself so he can get off this planet. With the new pearlescent weapons and perhaps the biggest loot area of any Borderlands DLC (1 or 2), you will constantly want to keep coming back to this DLC, and replayability is a big deal in my eyes towards DLC content. IF you want to keep playing back to this DLC, no matter how many of the main quests you completed or how high of a level you are, no matter it's faults it is damn well worth the try.

Roadtrip, Mar 13, 2011

The best of the add-ons to Borderlands IMHO. The same dark comic like graphics and outstanding humour are back with a good solid main story line. Knoxx seemed to take it up a notch and I found the missions more difficult than the previous ones with the "secret end-boss" requiring hours of attempts to conquer without resorting to glitches. The time-limited shopping spree like scenario at the end made my greedy side salivate with the thought of all the uber weapons I would be toting. My only complaint with this add-on is the absents of the instant travel stations making travel to zones long and repetitive even with the aid of vehicles.

shoegays, May 26, 2011

This is everything the rest of Borderlands' DLC should have been: more enemies, more levels, more environments and vehicles, and a real appreciation for spectacle. Knoxx is just about everything great in Borderlands condensed into one DLC, and unlike Moxxie's Underdome and Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, actually delivers enough content to justify the price.

LevelsAndGear, May 10, 2012

Great DLC, with more fantastic writing. A huge improvement over the previous 2 DLC's, this is a worthy addition to the Borderlands name. The lack of Fast Travel is my primary complaint.

Brumbek, Oct 6, 2012

Knoxx delivers a whole lot of new content full of the quintessential Borderlands humor and charm. The level cap increase, myriad of quests, uber-rare weapons, and secret final boss all add up to a great experience. The total lack of fast travel functionality results in much tedious walking and driving back and forth between Knoxx's physically massive areas. This definitely is irksome, making the content take a lot longer than it should. The content itself is fantastic, easily a 9. The tedium of driving through the Crimson Tollway for the 20th time drags the DLC down to an 8 out of 10.

Aberzanzorax, Mar 2, 2014

In my opinion the second best of the DLC for Borderlands 1. (I liked Claptrap's Revolution best). True to the core game experience, but with a few flaws. The most frustrating flaw for me was the lack of teleporting waypoints. The starting point/home base of this DLC is basically in the center of one long highway. You can go north or south for a long way to access missions, and the journey can become tedious. This is particularly true at maximum level when your vehicle is easily destroyed by the numerous other vehicles on the highway. (At high levels your power is substantial, but so is that of enemies, and vehicles don't seem to scale appropriately). The story overall is fairly good, and the quests are satisfying. The battle against the main enemy can be highly frustrating because of medics healing the boss. Overall, I'm pleased that I bought this, but it is not quite as good as the base game, and after a few playthroughs of it, I'm less than excited to do it again, even when I'm happy to do the core game and claptrap again. Solid, but not great.

JimCorbett, Sep 1, 2012

Decent DLC. It has the most content of the 4 by far but also suffers from the most bugs and glitches. FPS will drop dramatically throughout about 50% of the levels which completely kills gameplay. The new weapons,areas, missions, and storyline are all great though. It would be the best DLC if only it were able to be played with a stable FPS.