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Botanicula Botanicula is point'n'click exploration game created by Jara Plachy and Amanita Design.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 84 / 100
User rating
Downloads 4125
Genre Adventure, General, Third-Person, Point-and-Click, Fantasy
Company / Developer
Amanita Design / Amanita Design

Botanicula reviews ( 7 )

jugularis, Apr 19, 2012

Another masterpiece from Amanita Design. Great visuals and stylization with breathtaking sounds and music from DVA band and funny puzzles. I am glad for preordering.

dmauas, Dec 7, 2014

I rarely score games a perfect 10 - but what this game attempts to do, it does perfectly. I enjoyed every bit of its enigmatic, bizarre puzzles. It is original in its art, sound, music, and its concept is fresh and fun.

Nalsii, Jul 23, 2012

This game, more than any other one I've played in the recent years, has reminded me that people are supposed to have fun while playing. If your idea of fun does not consist mainly of headshotting virtual avatars, getting somewhere in the shortest time possible or butchering hordes of evil minions, consider giving this game a try. If you like to think, make sense of things or solve puzzles/mysteries/whatever needs to be solved and if you enjoy weird humour, trippy sounds and visuals or absurd surprises, you'll love this game. If you like easter eggs or just clicking on things to see what happens, this is a MUST for you. I've spent maybe half the time clicking on the environment to see what happens and deliberately not progressing through the game and I got not only quite a lot of good laughs out of it, but the game even rewarded me for having fun by a few fun surprises at the end. Which is telling, because the developes themselves clearly had a lot of fun making this game. From the quaint yet charming story and weird yet gorgeous visuals to the wonderfully trippy sound effects, all of which consist of either voices or musical instruments. From the introductory animation the game invites you to have FUN. Which I certainly did.

aaaa12223333, May 12, 2012

it was love at first sight.the cute characters,the beautiful environment,the calming music....the puzzles are fairly simple and i like it because you don't get it is cross platform and supports linux! the developers have taken a good step to sell it as a part of humble bundle,allowing the buyers to decide the price,as many of them would have pirated it if it was sold at,say, 30 dollars.though the developers should stop using adobe flash or adobe air as they are not well supported under linux.

TheLagbringer, Jul 28, 2013

Beautiful design and colors, amazing music and sounds. This soft and relaxing game lacks general storytelling (I had no idea what was going on, I can only say the game progress was quite trippy), but everything else is mesmerizing You are going to feel so good playing this, that's the style of Amanita design and they delivered again.

joshxdr, Dec 27, 2012

I liked Botanicula a lot. It tells a very cute story all with pictures and very expressive plants (?)! There were a lot of puzzles that tended toward the easy side of the spectrum. The graphics and artwork were excellent, it was beyond what I had imagined were possible using Flash. The depth of the puzzles did not match Machinarium (the best known Amanita game) but Botanicula is comparable in terms of creativity and style. This would be an excellent game for older kids who would be put off by the difficulty of Machinarium. I played this on a PC, but I would imagine an iPad would be the perfect platform for this game.

Goombaofdeath, Jan 8, 2014

This game is amazing nothing can beat it perfect game no game better best point'n'click game ever and beats all else in every genre can't get a game better than this one.