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Breach (2011) Breach is a multiplayer first-person shooter based on a CIA Special Activities Division.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 62 / 100
User rating
Downloads 51
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Tactical, Modern
Company / Developer
Atomic Games, U&I Entertainment / Atomic Games
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Breach (2011) reviews ( 7 )

oliathsg, Feb3, 2011

What does Breach offer you for your $12?It offers you something that many other $60 games fail to achieve. A solid and deep multiplayer experience that people will be playing for years to come.Back in the day a small indie game called Counter Strike launched from a modded half life engine. The orignal game was filled with bugs and isses... but yet it grew to be one of the biggest and most popular online games to date.Right now Breach is looking fit to repeat that process. Most of the low reviews you see here are due to a bit of a rocky start for the game. A few teething problems for a very small number of people is unfortunate. However - one week in and a patch is already out fixing many of the main issues.The online lobbies are crammed with players who are getting increasingly better at the game. Each round online is challenging and fun. The built in character upgrade system where exp earned ingame can be spent on new equipment is well balanced and highly addictive.My advice for anyone on the fence is to grab this game now while the skill level online is still not too high. Learn the ropes. Give the game time - as you need time to get good at this game - and it will certainly grow onto something that you cannot put down.The sniper class in this game is one of the most satisfying to play in any of the fps titles i have played in the last ten years. The destruction physics are more than just eye candy. They have been carefully modeled by military specialists and provide a serious tactical advantage if you know how to use them in your favor.

Kiblams, Feb3, 2011

What you get currently from buying Breach (Beginning of February 2011) is a basic yet solid concept of a multiplayer game that could eventually become one of the greats (Think Counter Strike) I think of this game as being a cross between Bad Company 2 and Counterstrike; with the gritty team based combat of Counterstrike mixed with the more dynamic features such as the destruction engine of Bad Company 2. When I first started playing I was unsettled by the idea of active cover as it had been a long time since I had played a game using a cover system, but after playing for a while it really begins to lend well to the idea of playing as a team which covers each otherâ

JaoSming, Feb3, 2011

ConnectivityThe 360 version had MAJOR lag issues. I couldn't connect to matches, stay in a match, but the short time I did get into a game it was a lot of fun. The PC version on the other hand ran a lot better. I was able to get better connections but still had issues. The PC version got a better dedicated server over the weekend and since then I have had 0 lag issues.GameplayDo NOT buy this expecting something that will tear you away from CoD, BC2, or any other will be disappointed. This game isn't fast paced like those's got more of a Counter Strike feel and pace. The 4 maps (1 night version of a map is included too) are pretty big, and while playing in a full 8v8 server things can get a bit hectic, but you can always get away from the fight if needed. The problem I run into is when I enter a 4v4 server or 5v5.....the maps are just too big for those amounts and there is no scaling to take care of it. Its usually only a problem in TDM gametypes with campers/snipers though........and on that note, this game favors the sniper rifle. If you can snipe, then this is the game for you. Most TDM games I've played are sniper fights, which can be really fun, but I know that is not some people's cup of tea. The active cover system helps balance that though. As rifleman can keep in cover while they dodge sniper bullets and use blind fire to kill them. Just don't expect to run at them like in CoD to take them out.....also never count on the knife for anything in this game.Game ModesTDM as I said usually turns into a sniper fight. It goes to 50 kills and while it doesn't do anything special or different from other games, it is still fun.There is a retrieval gametype where you try to grab a canister and plant it on the other team's side of the map. All of the maps are set up very well for these you get this side I get the other team modes.Infiltration is your standard domination gametype. This one is a LOT of fun with the destruction aspect of the game. Blowing out walls to surprise anyone puppy guarding the control point is a blast (haha).Sole Survivor is a no respawn gametype.....pretty much everyone hides and it can get drawn out....but its a nice, short, gametype.Convoy is the best though. You either escort or try to destroy a couple of hummers and there are roadblocks to blow up too. The back hummer has a triple shot 'nade launcher that just decimates buildings where the attackers hide but is balanced since you are a very easy sniper target.The DestructionIt's satisfying...but when you look closely at could be a lot better. There is nothing better than taking down a wall and surprising the enemy inside, but just looking at the destruction part, it falls flat. If you start a private game just to blow crap up you'll notice that concrete floors and certain pillars can't crumble. Also the ground doesn't deform and trees don't fall. The best part of it though are the shacks that make great sniper traps. Snipers love those shacks and if they get on a tear they rarely move from find an RPG and take that sucker down in a heap of wood.Gadgets/PerksThe gadgets in this game are pretty awesome. You can get sticky grenades or a vest to begin with, and as you level up (every 2000? 2500? XP) you get more to buy (with XP). There's a sonic imager that can let you see through walls, proximity mines, and my personal favorite, Sniper IR detector. Snipers show up with a lens flash on your screen when they are looking through their scopes kinda like Far Cry 2.....very VERY helpful.The perks are nice too, but useless when you unlock and buy BadAss. It doubles XP but halves your health....which doesnt matter much in hardcore games (which I usually play). There is also a sprint for longer, throw 'nades farther, more ammo, faster ADS & Reload, and an agility perk that evidently lets you move as fast as CoD.Weapons are unlocked by getting 2000XP and then 3000XP in a certain class. So for snipers, once I earn 2000Xp in that class I unlocked the 2nd sniper rifle, then after another 3000XP I earned the .50 Cal.OverallThis game was well worth the $12 I spent on it and I would be very happy at the normal $20 price point as well. However the 360 version seems to be having issues right now with servers that match you up with people in Europe. The community team at the official forums are on the ball (kind of like Marcus was here with NBA Live) and rushed out the dedicated server fix for the PC version in 3 days. An update is impending for the 360 version, so if your only choice is XBLA....wait to see what the update does to the lag issues. A lot of reviews that reviewed gameplay before the release were very positive, ~8/10 range, so the good game without lag is there, but the reviews and public response post-release have been 5-6's because of the connectivity issues.

Cardinal, Feb6, 2011

When I watched the trailer I got really excited about the game, and it was really cheap which is always awesome. I cant complain about the intense action in the game that is really enjoyable and the action cover system is terrific and adds a special touch to the game since you don't really see this in many fps games. The ability to decide which model you want for a specific class was pretty fun, but I was kind of disappointed about the fact that it was few models to choose between (I love games where you can customize the character, even if it is to a certain degree). And the destructable environment was just awesome. Some downsides were the fact that it wasn't too many servers with a good ping (although my location might play a role in this since I live in Sweden and the servers might be located across the Atlantic) which led to me not being able to play as much as I want to. One thing that almost made me give up on the game was the mouse smoothing, it gave me the feeling of being "Bambi on ice", but I learned how to disable this and this improved my game experience alot. In short:This game is worth your money since its cheap and it delivers most of the things that those expensive war games does, such as Call of Duty and Battlefield. And it will work on most computers!

GLaDOS, Jan 29, 2011

I must say that for everything it is, it's fun, but I don't think it's $12 or $15 worth of fun. I enjoy playing it, but putting it next to something like Monday Night Combat which is of equal value, it just doesn't stand up. No dedicated servers (AFAIK), one CTD, multiple load lock-ups (Alt+F4), and a menu layout designed for a console and never fixed during the port all weigh this game down and make it a shadow of what it could have been. The fully destructible environments are just that, and as such many RPGs are supplied to players, but most of these are just wasted on one unit kills and CQC combat. For being so realistic, the developers seemed to have forgotten that almost all explosive projectiles have a minimum distance they must travel before they are armed. All in all, just wait for this guy to go on sale for %50 off before you make your move (or possibly an indie pack), and stick with MNC if you're looking for something under $20 to play.

ad5os, Feb 17, 2011

I bought this game thinking that the Physx hardware accelerating was gong to produce some amazing visual explosions. Sadly the maps are unimaginative and very bland. The draw of the game is that the whole environment is destructible... this is false... only the buildings are. The screenshots look amazing but the game looks nothing like this.. at least on the PC. I also tried playing with Nvidia's 3d Vision and found a lot of rendering depth errors, despite Nvidia's stamp of approval as a "meant to be played on Nvidia" game. The movement is SLOW... these are crazy slow paced games that is based on camping the whole time. If you really want a great better looking game I recommend Far Cry 2.

cambria, Jan 24, 2014

This game has been removed from steam for being too buggy and unplayable. If you find it somewhere, do not buy it. I gave this one a decent midrange review and whatnot but now you can't even play it, so avoid if you find it.