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Brigador Choose your vehicle, weapons, pilot, and defense. Assault the districts of Solo Nobre, then escape or die trying. Your choice.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1287
Genre Action, General
Company / Developer
Stellar Jockeys / Stellar Jockeys
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Brigador reviews ( 6 )

RippyTates, Jun 5, 2017

Simply an amazing game! I have long been a fan of roguelikes, such as The Binding of Isaac, Enter the Gungeon, Nuclear Throne and the like, just because I can quickly play while listening to something like a podcast or music. I can honestly say that, for the first time in a while, I listen to this soundtrack every time I play. The world and soundtrack ooze neon and synth, sucking you into this 80's-style action movie.

Kamov, Jun 4, 2017

Brigador is a brilliant retro isometric dual stick shooter with tactical systems like stealth and LoS, brilliant graphical style, with voxel based fully destructable environment and an amazing,immersive synthwave soundtrack. The dystopic futuristic scenario is very interesting too, but totally optional - you might never read a single entry and just blow stuff up if you prefer that experience. It's an almost hypnotic experience discover the perfect gem for the Genesis era, created without any artificial limitation, fulfilling it's vision due to modern technology. I'm trully happy for finding it, and I never heard of it until they re-launched it with the "up-armored" expansion. In our rough times where games are AAA mediocre for not trying anything out of the box, Brigador is a breaath of fresh air from the time games were made to be fun - and man, did they succeed at making this fun. If you have ANY interest in games like this, buy Brigador. I'm dead certain you'll love the experience. I made this account just to review Brigador, for I trully disagree with the under 8.0 user score it has here. To my experience, it's a "decent" game, and I just ignore anything under 8.0 at metacritic. This game should not be ignored.

XTRMNTR2K, Nov 23, 2016

Brigador is, without doubt, a gem. And I'm not talking diamond-in-the-rough here, but a real, polished gem. The lore, while not the main selling point, is fantastic. Through well-written pilot and equipment descriptions as well as dedicated lore and intel entries you get a glimpse into a fleshed-out universe that has obviously been crafted with love and care. Add to that the fantastic 80's-synth-inspired soundtrack and beautiful, cyberpunk-esque graphical presentation and you've already got a winner. But the real star here is the gameplay; Brigador is not just an isometric mech shooter, but a surprisingly deep and engaging experience. The game's description in the steam store is surprisingly accurate. Here's what it says: "Choose your vehicle, weapons, pilot, and defense. Assault the districts of Solo Nobre, then escape or die trying. Your choice." This describes the Freelance mode, which is the core of the game, pretty well. You choose from a wide selection of pilots (determining difficulty and payout multiplier), vehicles (possibly increasing your payout multiplier) and weapons/special weapons. Vehicles come in three flavors: Mechs, tanks and anti-gravs (agravs for short). Each has distinctive characteristics and handles differently. Weapons come in five different size classes, with 8 weapons in each class. (A whopping 40 weapons all in all!) Additionally, you can equip your vehicle with one of four different special weapons, that can have either defensive or offensive purposes - or a mix of both. Finally you choose a mission and you're ready to go. In order to finish and leave each district (map) of a mission you need to complete at least one of three main goals; there are also optional goals which you can complete for a better payout. Your goal is to fulfill your mission, stay alive and finally extract via spaceport. If you fail, there is no continue, almost all of your hard-earned points will be withheld in order to cover your 'funeral expenses'. If you don't pay attention to your surroundings and blow up something explosive while standing right next to it, you will die. (Sounds like a noob mistake, but believe me, it happens more often than you think.) If you get cocky and rush into a large group of enemies, or trigger an alarm to have basically a whole districts worth of enemies converging on your last known location, you will die (at least if you don't GTFO immediately). If you select a combination of vehicle and weaponry you are not (yet) comfortable with and decide to do a high-difficulty run, you will absolutely, positively die in the most horrific way possible. However, how hard or easy the game plays is actually up to the player. If you like to take it easy or simply get acquainted with the game, choose a powerful vehicle/weapon combo, and an 'easy' pilot. Or, if you want to feel miserable, you can attempt to ride a tuk-tuk equipped with shrapnel-blasting cannons (that look like they're exploding in your own face) into the depths of hell. Speaking of difficulty, there are levels ranging from 1 to 13, and the first few of these are rather mild. Personally speaking I've been able to beat up to level 7 reliably with a reasonably powerful vehicle and weapons, but anything above is pure madness. Another one of the great things about Brigador is its large variety of vehicles and weapons. Pretty much every playstyle is possible. If you want to blast your enemies to smithereens from afar with naval cannons mounted to an ultra heavy tank, you can do just that. If you love to zoom around in a tiny agrav and murder your enemies in the face with shrapnel cannons that's totally possible. And if you like a heavy mech that stomps things that get too close and shoots lasers and gatling guns at everyone else - be my guest. That being said, none of the above works without some sort of tactical modus operandi; simply rushing in guns blazing will quickly get you killed on anything but the lowest difficulties. Finding out what works for you (and what doesn't) is important - and it's fun, too. Aside from freelance, there is also a campaign mode that should at least be played for the tutorials as well as the first few levels in order to learn the ropes of the game. After that, it quickly becomes tough as nails and very frustrating, though it's not bad. So, is Brigador good? Without a doubt. The controls are precise (but can take a bit of pratice), the overall presentation leaves an impression of a game crafted with love and care, and the gameplay is surprisingly deep - much more than you would expect simply judging from screenshots or videos of this game. The soundtrack is fantastic as well. If you like mechs, tanks and all things sci-fi, love shooting things from an isometric perspective, enjoy tight, challenging gameplay and a game that can be tailored to your needs and tastes to some degree, Brigador may just be THE thing for you.

skohl, Dec 18, 2017

The mechanics of this game are very solid, simple yet deep. If you enjoy them, you will have a lot to sink your teeth into. The story campaign is 10 hours long unless you're crushing it, but the unlockable missions could keep you busy for 50. The electro-synth soundtrack is great, but repetitive because the tracks are so short. They don't transition smoothly when looping, so you get some silence during missions. The retro-futuristic setting is hands-down gorgeous. Must play for any cyberpunk fan. The visuals give a lot of nostalgia for certain older games (such as MechWarrior, and the little-known Metal Warriors), and that alone makes it worthwhile, to me. Don't buy this game for the story. It's optional, and told entirely through text: item descriptions, mission briefings, and unlockable lore. There is no dialogue and no NPCs. If you want to read, it's there, and it's good, but the real meat of this game is in the satisfying and fun action. If you've been looking at this game and aren't sure whether it delivers, just letting you know it does. One caveat: The game is said to have controller support, however, aiming your guns with the right analog stick is so clunky, compared to the smooth keyboard+mouse controls, that it is basically not an option. I bought it thinking that I could use a controller, and I was disappointed. But the game is good enough that I played with the mouse anyways.

howlatthemoon, Jul 21, 2016

Rushed out of EA and not sure why. A few more months, a little more feedback and I think this could have been a real gem. The game has a cool story trapped behind a cold game menu through which it is told. This is made more frustrating after they went to the trouble of having someone write and voice an audio-book but didn't include a single sound bite in the game. There are a couple dozen unique drivers each with their own stories and "traits" that effect your final score. But those stories are so coldly told through the games menu that the driver becomes nothing more than a score multiplier. A few cut scenes similar to what you might find in cryptark or invisible inc. Simple text and pixel portraits could have really gone a long way in connecting the player with the avatar. The unlock system feels a little blind at times, you'll often spend a mill on some lore and a few mill on a driver only to feel like you just stuck your hand in a lucky dip or played pin the tale on the donkey, with the only consolation being that all the prizes were pretty crap so what difference does it make what you get. Now if the lore had been audio logs, or part of the audio book along side the menu text, it would have been worth a mill.. and that driver, if it came with 3 or 4 personalised text boxes expressing their motives for risking their lives, placed next to their portraits at the start of the first 3 or 4 Freelance missions I took 'em on, maybe I'd care about them and be inclined to learn about another. Some of the stories told through the menus are emotive but feel like a chore to connect with. It's a real shame. The game looks great imo, music is perfect, it's that new retro wave. Controls are perfect imo also, some people complain about them, but if you give them a chance and think about the logistics they work well and make sense. It's in the variety of vehicles and weapons that this game really shines, while missions can feel similar (due to having little to no investment in any of the characters or the story), it's the loadout that makes a run unique. Vehicles have their own feel and can't all support the same mounts, so with weapons ranging from explosives with arch like firing arcs to machine gun lazers, there is absolutely an incentive and desire to experiment. + Beautiful game, lovely lighting + Lots of unlockables + Great ost and sfx + Lots of lore (though poorly implemented) + Fun guns + Strong level design + Interesting vehicles + Fair amount of content + Multiple ways to finish your mission - Feels rushed - Some bugs (known about since EA) - No ability to zoom in on the lovely pixelated mechs and weps, not even through the Acquisitions menu - Poor use of wonderfully crafted lore - Missions can feel the same, with little to no investment in any of the characters or the story - No Auto forward key (trust me it needs one) - No level editor 7.5/10 Pretty good, could have been so much better. Could still be, with some work Recommended

ChrisPL, Aug 17, 2016

I get the idea. I get the nostalgia. I admire the audiovisuals. But I got bored really fast with this one and don't think I will ever get back to it. Sorry.