Broken Sword 5: The Serpents' Curse - Part I Crack With Activator Latest

Broken Sword 5: The Serpents' Curse - Part I George Stobbart and Nico Collard reunite for a new adventure in Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 71 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2212
Genre General, Adventure
Company / Developer
Revolution Software / Revolution Software
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Broken Sword 5: The Serpents' Curse - Part I reviews ( 7 )

PrinceThrakkath, Dec 5, 2013

Really dont get the critics reviews all 60% are they copying and pasting from each other? Ratings make no sense when a playable beautifully crafted game like this gets 60% and an unplayable mess like BF4 gets 83% or more. As for my review of the game I'm not that far in but very happy with what I've seen thus far. It's much more in line with the first 2 Broken swords beautiful hand drawn 2D graphics and enjoyable *if not overly difficult puzzles'. I hope this is a big success and Beneath a Steel Sky 2 is equally successful the original is one of my favourite games of all time.

DrGrim, Dec 7, 2013

Really enjoyed this game. A little slow to start, but the story really picks up and I can't wait for part two. The graphics are beautiful, the voice acting top class, and the script is spot on. A few bugs to iron out, but no doubt they will be fixed up soon. Only slight disappointment were a few of the animations, but others were great.

JackRyan, Dec 5, 2013

Why is this only getting 6/10 from the critics? Great atmosphere, beautiful backgrounds, an interesting story. It's almost as good as the first 2 titles of the series. The best Kickstarter game I've played yet. Great work, guys.

kellyc7c, Dec 9, 2013

The game is pretty good, at least the first half of it is as we'll have to wait until January for the rest! The games plays just like the first two broken sword games which is a good thing. This is a classic adventure game, none of this modern dumbed down stuff. There's tons of items to pick up and some of which need combing to solve puzzles (most of the Telltale games scrapped this mechanic). Unfortunately the puzzles themselves seem to be too much on the easy side. I think part of the problem is a lot of puzzles are restricted to one room so you either have all the items you need to solve all the puzzles already or they're in the room to be picked up. I'm hoping we'll see more multi-room puzzles in the second half. The backgrounds in the game are beautiful, all hand drawn. The character animations are all pre-rendered and to be honest I'm not a huge fan but they're still quite good for the most part. There are a few glitches with them though. One annoying glitch is the walk cycle animation resets if you click somewhere else on the screen when George is already walking; It's quite jarring. There are some scenes where the characters lips don't move while talking if they're already doing some other animation. Also when first talking to a character there is often a long pause between George saying 'hi' and the character responding as if the game is waiting for their idle animation to finish. Finally a few times the character will jump to another part of the room when talking and then jumping back. These are annoying glitches which make the game feel like it was rushed a bit before release. But the rest of the game doesn't feel rushed at all. The music is awesome as Barrington Pheloung from the first two games returns to compose the score. He's also the guy behind the music from the British TV shows Morse and Lewis. This really adds to the nostalgia. The voice acting is not great but not bad either. Rolf Saxon returns as the main character George Stobbart and he's awesome as always. The problem is with the rest of the characters. Personally I didn't mind the voice acting although I know a lot of other people have criticised it. It's difficult to comment on the story without seeing the whole game. It is a bit slow at the beginning but does start picking up halfway through. It is a completely authentic Broken Sword story although I don't want to spoil anything. The game is great value, only £15 on Steam at the moment and that includes the second part that comes out in January! To be honest my only real disappointment with the game is that the puzzles are too easy. Although the first two Broken Sword games were never that hard. The other issues such as the animations and voice acting are really down to production values and you can't really complain when you consider how much you're paying. I don't understand the low scores given by the professional critics. They seem way too harsh. This a completely authentic Broken Sword game that could be straight out of the 90s! If you love Broken Sword or Adventure Games in general I can completely recommend this game!

Storm1672, Dec 25, 2013

Up to the series good ol reputation. Kinda expected more tho after all these years. And the story is kinda weak so far. At least, compared to the other games of the series.

Bmane, Dec 14, 2013

Broken Sword, the fifth in a trilogy that has seen its ups and downs, has finally arrived. Was the wait worth it? Did it live up to its expectations? I'd say a tentative yes in certain aspects. Serpents Curse tries its best to bring back the nostalgia from the first and second 2D games of the series. At times, it is rather successful in doing this and at other times it tries too hard. The 3D drawn characters for example; beautifully rendered but come across as strange and often appear stiff like mannequins with awkward movements. This is even more apparent in the opening intro especially considering they are portrayed against the backdrop of masterful handrawn 2D backgrounds that just don't mix well with the 3D movements and rendered characters. What madness processed them to go along with this approach escapes me. Some developers just can't let go off 3D altogether, and Serpents Curse tries to blend both worlds together but fails to do both right. Don't get me wrong; the backgrounds are masterfully done and are fantastic, as limited as they are, and the characters themselves, while they do appear stiff and rigid, have a tremendous amount of detail to them. It's just a shame Cecil decided to try to blend both 2D and 3D together because it simply does not work. Regarding what I said about the backgrounds being limited, well, they are. There's not that much backgrounds at all to be fair. Episode one mainly takes place in Paris and features a lot of heavily re-used backdrops and you don't get the feeling that your 'going places' but rather stuck going back and forth to the same locations. This is quite understandable considering the quality of the backgrounds and the size of them. At such a high-resolution, drawing them must take up a considerable amount of time, but Broken Sword 5 misses out on the feeling of traveling to a wide selection of area's that was very much present in the 1st and 2nd. Sure, at the end of episode 1 its clear we'll be off to a certain place, but I get the slight impression not much will change in Episode 2 in terms of background variety. Broken Sword The Serpents Curse general plotline is nothing to marvel at; at least in the confines of what Episode 1 presents us with. Having completed the game in full now, I can honestly say I foresaw practically every twist that came my way. I generally knew who was 'bad' and who was 'questionably good' but the story tries to present its twists and turns as shocks but in reality they didn't. I can't say much without going into spoiler territory, but I will say that the death of a prominent character did not surprise me one bit. The story is also filled with little plotholes and in-consistency now and again which don't make much logical sense, but if anyone played the previous two games in the series, then you learn to suspend reality while your playing a Broken Sword game. The characters don't have as much depth as past characters did in the first two series. Broken Sword 2 has a wealth of complex characters; who remembers Raoul, who was ruled by his mother but you soon learn later on that there is a lot more to the cowardly Raoul than meets the eye? Sadly Serpents Curse characters are rather one-dimensional. Laine and his overly sense of entitlement. Father Simeon and his constant overbearing sense of religious burning hatred for you know who. Detective Naveat (I'm sure I spelt that wrong) and his rather unrealistic portrayal of just bad detective work. But this is getting all very negative and now its time for some positivity. Having completed the fifth game, I can honestly say I felt satisfied with how episode 1 has turned out. It's a step in the right direction, but only a step. For me personally it doesn't surpass the quality fo the first two games, but it certainly races past the 3rd and 4th game whose name I shall not speak. In that way, Serpents Curse is a resounding success for what it's trying to do, and that is trying to redeem itself from the last two games. It just falls ever so slightly short of reaching its goal. Perhaps episode 2 will have some of that missing charm and complete the saga of nostalgia. Who knows. But I am certainly looking forward to the next episode.

Nicolaua, Dec 7, 2013

This game was so disappointing that I don't feel as if I'd played a new Broken Sword at all. The thing I found the most disturbing was the way George and Nico's characterisation in The Serpent's Curse was absolutely different to that of the first two games. In the new game, they appear to lack ideals, critical faculty and their humane, ironic sense of humour. The way Nico is presented in the new game seems misogynist, she has no ideas of her own and the new actor plays her insipidly. Most of the female characters are man-hungry caricatures. The actual plot, dialogue and characters are childish and amateurish. I honestly love George and Nico in the first two games, and that's why I'm not looking forward to the second half of this one.