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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Two sons must set out on a perilous journey to bring back the Water of Life to their ailing father.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 92 / 100
User rating
Downloads 11266
Genre Action Adventure, Fantasy, Linear
Company / Developer
505 Games / Starbreeze

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons reviews ( 7 )

rubbe87, Sep 3, 2013

Great storyline, it speaks to me like no other game I've played so far. Really connects the player to the game and makes you feel something special all thru every second of it! Love

Franckatana, Feb 23, 2014

This game is one of my favorite. I must say that it's a bit short, but it's not a bad things considering that it would probably get too much to bear in one gaming session, and this is where it's gets you to not lose your focus off the game. With a beautifully designed environment and well mixed sounds/musics, this games is able to make the player feel every emotions felt by the characters. There is no actual language nor subtitles in the game, but the emotions can do all the job of words. I really recommend this game to people who wants a relaxing yet mature experience in the gaming world.

Mattrtnz, Sep 10, 2013

I can happily call this game my game of the year. This is mainly down to the games ability to tell a story without using a single word of English. During game play you will feel a whole range of emotions from anger, sadness all the way to happiness and excitement. This game in my eyes is a 10 out of 10 no questions. Anyone who has a PC, Xbox 360 or PS3 should definitely play this game.

Adgalo, Jan 18, 2014

Great game. Gameplay-wise is a bit simplistic, but makes that up with the control-two-characters-at-a-time mechanic. Good setting and storyline. I'm also glad that it doesn't last more than necessary, just about 3 hours, which for this game it feels like the way it has to be.

Joellemm, Jun 4, 2017

Simplicity shines brightly in a game brimming with beauty, variety, and character. As for an unnecessary shift in tone towards the end, that is unwarranted due to a lack of characterization, the game's ability to tell a compelling tale through merely interaction and aesthetics is credit to the game's design. The simplicity of the game's puzzles should not be understood as poor design, but as the developer's recognition of its game's own pacing, maximising immersion, and minimising the frustration for the casual players the game is clearly intended for.

joshxdr, Nov 13, 2014

Brothers is an isometric quasi-platform game with a lot of storytelling. The emphasis of the game is the storytelling and the visual art, which is stunning even on a low-end PC. The sounds are very interesting, although some of the songs get repetitive by the end. There are some puzzles which take a little thought, but nothing too difficult. Overall the game is quite easy, although engaging for the most part. As a kind of interactive storybook, this game is a great success. Even though there is no dialogue (the characters speak in gibberish) there is a lot of drama in the story. The scenery is extremely well done, and there are a lot of extra touches to give the brothers personality. As a game there are hits and misses. The dual-character-control idea is quite clever, and there are some cool things that you can do with this scheme. The potential of this concept is not fully realized, some of the same kinds of puzzles appear multiple times. There are a lot of puzzles, but most only take a minute or so of contemplation to see the answer. This is good for keeping the story moving, but it made the game somewhat easy and short. If you are into a game that is a kind of work of art, and is cleverly designed, this is the game for you. If you are looking for a hard-core challenge, this game may disappoint you.

Swagalf, Jan 8, 2016

The hype train took me.. and oooh god, that was awful. In fact, I really don't understand why this game have a good review. But.. some games that I don't like I'm just like : "ok.. not my style but it can be cool for some people I guess!". Here .. hmm.. can be cool for somebody who has never play a good game with a good story. The deep story ? Please... there's just nothing. Nothing. Really. Please, there's game with real story, real depth... plenty of them. Do them, do them and never go back in brothers : A tale of nope. Scene graphism are cool... but you don't know why this is at this place or that thing at another place. With this huge problem, this world seem empty and you just don't feel it at all. This way, graphism are useless. There is no artistic direction, artistic idea. This world wasn't here before you, and will vanish without you. It has no meaning, no story, nothing. Like the game itself in fact. Our heroes are just horrible.. it's not the case if you don't talk to any PNJ. But if you interact with only one of them, you will hate your character fors the entire playthrough. Facial expression is absent... and for a game that wanted to be deep, with empathy ... it's really disturbing. Gameplaywise there's just nothing. Oh wait... yes there's something... one act, one idea. Over, and over, and over again.. and again... and another act.. and that's a loop. A loop of nothing. Please.. please don't play this game. Never, ever play this game. Never.