Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood Crack + Serial Key Download 2021

Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood Experience authentic WWII combat as Sergeant Joe Hartsock and lead your squad beyond Carentan to liberate all of Normandy. Taking online tactics to new heights, Brothers In Arms Earned In Blood offers more unique multiplayer missions and improved online support. (Including the bundled addition of modification support for the PC). Earned In Blood features an all-new cooperative Skirmish mode that allows one or two players to take a tour of duty through a series of authentic and harrowing custom combat missions. Arm yourself with additional authentic weapons and command new vehicles like the M10 "Wolverine" Tank Destroyer. More Challenging and Dynamic Combat - the game features close quarter urban environments and a new, next generation artificial intelligence system. [Ubisoft]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 86 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1756
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Historic, Arcade
Players 4 Online
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / Gearbox Software
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Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood reviews ( 4 )

Unurautare, May 2, 2014

This game, a first person tactical shooter, has probably found the line that unites a simulator with a game, and makes it attractive, functional and realistic. The amount of work and detail put into this game simply make me wish ALL games were as dedicated to their purpose and function, which this game truly succeeds in. The music, scenery, accuracy of the events and passion portrayed and put in this game are unforgettable.

iddqd4, Jan 23, 2018

Хороший, но довольно короткий шутер с возможностью тактически управлять своим отрядом.

Wardelson, Feb 29, 2016

Whole Brothers in Arms franchise comes to a player with understanding of WW2 background. It's wasn't a game for kids and I still have a goosebumps reminding myself the deaths of my companions. Certainly worthy of the title. Wasn't disappointed.

RichardGoes, Nov 13, 2008

This game is far too scripted and therby limited in its tactical options, its ridiculous being blocked by fences, gates and other minor obstacles from taking an alternative route. Its almost like a movie which is a pity because basically the action gameplay can be good and the combining of tactical play is a great idea.