Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back Crack/Patch

Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back Watch Bubsy glide like a bat, jump like a jack rabbit, bounce like a red rubber ball and run…run Bubsy run. This is the Bubsy adventure you were born to play.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 46 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1298
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
Accolade / Black Forest Games

Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back reviews ( 7 )

MaskedHunter, Jan 6, 2018

Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back is a masterpiece and should always be remembered as one. Whether it be the option of Bubsy's verbosity, or the tasteful design of Bubsy, or the exciting and engaging boss fights, or the great controls of Bubsy, or the overall funniness of the game, you don't get better than Bubsy!

BubsyLover, Nov 5, 2017

Bubsy is a wonderfull game with self awareness and funny story. It takes the bubsy gameplay and transforms it Into one Of the best Plattformers of our time

MrUnlikely, Nov 7, 2017

Jumping/gliding works really good, especially in enemy combos. Boss fights are exciting and tough as thought was put into them. Bubsy himself is great for the kids as a fun thrill seeking character. Surprisingly pulled it off, might even be better than Sonic Forces, which is a shock to say the least.

sonicnights, Dec 24, 2017

This game is just fine. The controls are okay, the graphics are fine, and last but not least, it's fixed, meaning: no bugs. But the levels in this game aren't great. Heck, even Battlefront II is just better than this!

bladex, Nov 1, 2017

this is one of the most boring platformers i have ever played. all you do every single level is glide and collect wool the mechanics never change from that!

gamesEtal, Apr 1, 2018

apos o sucesso de sonic no mega drive varias emprejas começaram a fazer seu mascotes e no meio de tantos mascotes aleatorios,la estava ele Bubsy e seu jogo mediano,anos se passaram e bubsy morreu,mais o inesperado ocorreu bubsy retorna com bubsy the woolies strick back para PS4 e PC o game contem muito pouco conteudo tendo apenas 14 fases sendo que dessas 14 3 sao bosses para enfrentar as fases sao repetitivas sendo o cenario das plataformas do mundo 1 e 2 os mesmos so começando a mudar la pro final do jogo,o jogo possui batalhas de bosses ate que boas e consegue divertir o jogador nos primeiros minutos pontos positivos preço baixo na versao de pc batalha de bosses criativas pontos negativos fases repetitivas e enjoativas graficos fracos curta duraçao podendo ser encerrado menos de 2 horas musicas horriveis

Zernserg, Nov 9, 2017

Not unlikable enough to be excitingly bad. Don't even buy this ironically, it's lazy, it's boring, and it's shoddy. The graphics are dated as well, if this came out instead of Bubsy 3d it'd be alright, but for a $30 asking price and only two finished levels, it's a joke, and a bad one at that.