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Bullet Witch This action adventure takes place in the exceedingly bleak near future of 2013. Civilization is on the brink of extinction after demons begin appearing on the earth, and the player wades into the fray as a witch named Alicia.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 52 / 100
User rating
Downloads 44
Genre Action, Shooter, Third-Person, Arcade
Players No Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
XSEED Games / Cavia Inc.
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Bullet Witch reviews ( 3 )

Junior_Max, Oct 22, 2018

Despues de habérmelo pasado 2 veces en mi PC hace ya 2 meses, puedo decir que este videojuego es solamente para pasarse un buen rato, es mas, me lo pasé en tan solo una tarde de ocio y me encantó, no es el mejor videojuego del mundo, no tendrá la mejor IA, la mejor jugabilidad o una amplia variedad de armas y enemigos, pero tiene su propia personalidad, ese aire de juego de nicho que pocos han probado y disfrutado. Y el precio no es nada del otro mundo, cuesta 9 dolares.

RidleayRomero, Dec 24, 2018

Bullet Witch is that weird combination of ideas that don't seem to be very well put together. If anything, the game is pretty easy on it's own, enemies die pretty easy even on hard, the only real trouble I had was with the ghosts hitting me. I've never thought of this as a good game by any means, but it is quite bizarre how the narrative plays out. You might just beat this in one sitting, but you probably won't want to play it after that.

mr-NachoMen, Jan 10, 2020

A port of a game released on the Xbox 360 back in 2006 that in a way was like a launch title of the console, now the PC version got released almost 12 years later and the developers claim that this port is an improvement from the console counterpart... this final release is way to far from being an improvement. The game's visuals looks... ugly... like... it stills looks like an early 360 title, and after 12 years you might think that the developers had remaster the game or enhance the visuals but... no... the game looks really bad... more like an amateur game. Bullet witch is a really short and lineal game only offering 3 main scenarios, 2 of them taking place in devastated cities and one take place on a forest. The level design is very simplistic and almost most of all the ares will look the same with the same structure in mind and even that there are enemies and some civilians running around the game's world fells extremely empty. Bullet witch looks like a hack n slash title when you first see it but once you start to play it turns out to be a 3rd person shooter... a very simple one, in the game's mechanics the player can use magic spells that can be upgraded at the end of the level to improve the amount of damage it can make, but this magic spells became useless and once you tried them one time there's no reason at all to use them again... because they are not that great. weapons can be upgraded too, like upgrade the assault rifle from Alicia to turn it into a shotgun or rocket launcher, but at the end the need of upgrade weapons became useless for the following reason... The game's difficult is a joke... for real. The main reason of the game being too short is because it is way to EASY, even in higher difficulties enemies will die from a couple of shots, even the big ones as well, there's another reason why using spells and upgrading weapons are useless because the game does not offer any challenge what's so ever. it's like playing "A series of unfortunate events" on PC. Enemy variation is scarce, you will shot the same looking zombie soldier in the whole game, there will be some other type of enemies, but those encounters are not that often, the game only has 2 boss fights and... they are easy as well... is this game made for kids? or what? The character design for our main heroin is one of the only 2 things i like about the game, that, and the destruction system in some structures, it was amazing summoning a tornado and contemplate how it tear apart a building, that was great. The game's plot was so generic and simple, the dialog cheesy and the story never gave an answer about why Alicia is a witch and from were she got her powers. One of the "improvements" that the port has is the 60+ FPS, you can select manually if you want to play it on 30 or 60 frames before the game starts, but i've notice that playing on 60 fps can alter some of the game's physics objects and this will react even with the slowest movement possible. What can you expect from Bullet Witch... not that much, this is a kind of game that you can play when you don't know what to play next, and once you finish it there's no reason to replay it again.