Bus Simulator 18 Crack + License Key (Updated)

Bus Simulator 18 Experience the job of a bus driver in a vast and freely drivable urban area. Drive original licensed city buses from the great brands: Mercedes-Benz, Setra, MAN, and IVECO BUS. Transport your passengers safely and punctually, either solo in single player mode, or in multiplayer mode.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 68 / 100
User rating
Downloads 44
Genre Simulation, Vehicle, Civilian
Players Up to 4
Company / Developer
astragon / stillalive studios
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Bus Simulator 18 reviews ( 5 )

Parker4179, Jun 15, 2018

If you like vehicle simulation games I think you will like this one. This is definitely a improvement from Bus Simulator 16 and I think it's heading the the right direction.

DarthNox, Jan 26, 2020

They made literally nothing useful again... They copied Bus Simulator 16 added small amount of crap content and released it as new game. They are just grinding money with this 2 crap games. I hope they create something useful and save their company names. Oh sorry, I forget max 4 player multiplayer mode. They probably will release new dlc for 16 player multiplayer mode ^^

PedroBellic, Dec4, 2019

Very expensive, and why they need to release a title every year? just release a game and update it constantly, don't buy this, download it by a torrent.

BlaGamer, Dec 18, 2019

I would like to say this game there is (Good) and the (Not Good), i now this game is a online game but why they have no added into Like a real online bus simulator game, they still have not add the banned feature to banned players from ram into other player too many times that happens to me,that whats happen to me sometimes, when that negative player was clearly ram into me when this player see me just ram into me just like that no reason they needs to get banned ASAP im begging the developer to put the banned feature in game not to ram player to many times to other player because respect all gamers are always #1 like most of us did, the Good stuff in game what i like in game is, the graphic is very realistic but the fake people in game is quite stupid i be honest, the game itself is very relaxing, enjoyable and well, this game is 5/10 half score to the developer because i so far spotted a noob Negative that clearly rams into me for no reason that will also effects payers emotions that is not good, the 2nd not good thing is the game is enjoyable but not the best ones graphic and details best yes but game itself not the best because there is some bugs at the in game highway that the cars doing some like,spins lol and other Negative things what i have complained early before to the developer, and what i like in game the most, is the customize feature i really like it allot, plus im disappointed, no double deck bus in game, hope they will add double deck bus in the next generation bus simulator game.

Davedboss01, Oct3, 2019

Despite the fact that this game has been available for Steam players on PC since last year and only came on the the console platform, the game crashes all the time. You can count yourself lucky if you get more than an hour of game time on the game. It is obvious that the developers of this game rushed the game and the updates and never even tested them. To start with at the beginning of the game it is Okay, but once you reach level 20 that is where you run into problems. I will edit this review if they ever fix the game.