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Call of Duty: Black Ops Treyarch is developing the next installment in the Call of Duty franchise, rumored to be set during the Cold War.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 14317
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Historic, Arcade
Company / Developer
Activision / Treyarch

Call of Duty: Black Ops reviews ( 7 )

Ecko69x, Nov 9, 2010

Treyarch can pat themselves on their backs for creating such an amazing game. With their pass game history of mediocre games (CoD 3 and CoD WAW). They have set the bar high with Black Ops. Black Ops comes out on top of MW2 with vast improvements and most importantly, dedicated servers for multi-player. As well, the online RPG leveling system allows players to purchase which perks they like instead of having to work through a pre-determined list of perks. Beautiful multi-player maps, balanced guns, and crisp controls make the multi-player experience unforgettable. The single player campaign is roughly 7-8 hours of story-compelling, non-stop action. A game that can deliver a good story while making the characters feel believable and alive is a rare occasion. If you are a CoD fan, this is a must purchase. If you like FPS, but dislike CoD games. This is still a MUST purchase.

AggroMagnet, Nov 20, 2011

Nuketown. probably just the BEST FPS MAP EVAR. After Treyarch fixed the connection issues, Black Ops turned out to be quite a good game. The IW 3.0 engine is in my opinion also still the best COD engine (same as MW1)

St1fleR, Jul 5, 2013

Call of Duty became recently such product which let out every year and it brings in to founders the stable income. Unfortunately, almost all parts left after the first Modern Warfare didn't possess anything, except a usual redoing of old ideas and their delivery for new, even a cursor never changed, and this CoD too works at an old cursor. I everything say it to that no hope that this project becomes something being remembered or interesting existed, besides Modern Warfare 3 which have left before it was deification of nonsense of founders of game and as perfectly I showed crisis of ideas which began even earlier, but is most of all noticeable in that ill-fated part. After I passed couple of missions I understood that it something new and founders actually became reasonable and do excellent game, I only hoped that further game won't go on nakatanny down, and will be at the level of the first missions. I was mistaken as further BO 2 me I disappointed.

suhayb120, Jan 26, 2015

this game is all about guns and zombies and there are a lot of map pack and there is a map for zombie called moon and i think its the beat map for zombies because it hard to lat after level 30

assman123, Jul 26, 2011

The game isn't fitted to be called "Call Of Duty." Almost every mission is all about Americans, which is unlikely in the COD franchise. The singleplayer campaign is short, and two of its mission is unplayable.Forget about the multiplayer and zombies, the game lacks too many anticipation. And I class it more as a sci-fi game because of the whole Nova-6 conspiracy, which completely unlikely in the franchise all based to be realistic warfare.

Beylie, Sep 9, 2011

This is the epitome of why consoles are destroying the games of today. I started playing this a few months ago and stopped after the first level, I was that bored. Run, shoot, boring cinematic, run, shot, boring cinematic... there's not grit to the game. I started playing again today and again I'm so bored I'd rather not play. Battlefield II is better than this, 10x better. Man, they'd better bring something to the game with MW3 or they're going to lose a lot us us as fans. BAD BAD PORT. ANY PORT FROM CONSOLE SUCKS.

masonhales, Feb 9, 2011

Activision is yet again milking the call of duty franchise for as much money as possible. lets face it, they will never achieve a perfect balance that cod4 had.