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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Infinite Warfare is the first game in the franchise to venture beyond the reaches of Earth, framing a plausible future war in our solar system. Infinite Warfare also introduces an original cooperative Zombies mode that takes players on a wild ride through a new storyline with unique gameplay features and mechanics. [Infinity Ward]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 5345
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Tactical
Company / Developer
Activision / Infinity Ward

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare reviews ( 7 )

bubabub, Nov 5, 2016

I was playing single player on PC. The game is just amazing and highly enjoyable. I cannot remember me, last time I was playing something awesome like this. It was maybe Wolfenstein - The New Order and Mass Effect before. You cannot play multiplayer guys, but the company is just f*cking amazing! Like Sci-Fi Movie and even better!

StaYFrostY, Jul 31, 2017

Hands down, the best game of the year! + Best game I've had in years! + Two silver trays underneath the rear wheels, handbrake on, the best game in the world!!! Infinite Warfare

AstiX, Jul 26, 2017

This review is only for the single-player campaign. I have no interest in multi-player. I liked it. Gameplay is a bit meh at the beginning, but picks up towards the second half of the game. Very detailed military dialogue. Most weapons are pretty uninteresting and similar. I loved the stealth missions and had lots of fun with the space battles even though they're a bit repetitive. The story is not bad. Lots of likeable characters and good dialogues. Disappointed by unnecessary cliche sacrifices at the end, but still satisfied with the emotional finale. Upgrade system is confusing. GOOD: Fun campaign, ok story, good characters, awesome stealth missions, satisfying space battles. BAD: Boring weapons, cliche deaths for added drama, confusing upgrade system, crashing with AA on.

Jester2372, Dec 26, 2016

Multiplayer: For the most part, this game is rather decent. It has decent fluid movement, the jump boost is smooth and the graphics are good. Compared to the poor movement in BO3 and horrible cartoon graphics, it is a much better game. BUT, I have seen way too many hackers. 80-90 kills with 4-5 deaths (not the 42-18 good/lag advantage players everyone else calls a hacker) Overall a decent game but no one is playing it. No shock as Activision has no clue what the community wants. Especially when so many flock to BO3 that skipped Advanced Warfare and then call it a great game yet it is mediocre in comparison. Campaign: I generally play the campaigns many times end to end. I cannot get through them anymore with all the stupid stories these idiots force you to sit through. It use to be so simple, finish one scene, start the other. Choose to listen to the intro or skip it and you maintained control the entire time. Now they force you to watch it or leave for some time and never see it and annoy you so much you have no desire to finish. Then again, it is Activision and they only care about money. After so many failures the past 4-6 years, I am shocked I even purchased the game. Don't get me wrong, I love COD games but they are getting worse and worse. GO BATTLEFIELD GO TITANFALL!

N3V3R, Nov 7, 2016

Another addition to the long list of dissapointments of 2016 . Call Of Duty : Mass Effect Ripoff . **** campaign among all call of duties till date . Tried to copy mass effect galaxy system - failed , tried to copy black ops 2 side quest system - failed , tried to copy the robot facility mission , failed . tried to copy bo3 weapon attachment systeam - another failure . Boring game / boring story / boring weapons (the sniper / assult rifle hybrid gun was kinda cool , and E3N had two similar funny dialouge (I carry the brain of a human farmer . -- are you serious? - no mam , not at all....///And another on the Heavy - tank robo mission similar to this ) 1/10 point for two cool dialouges and one cool gun - that's all I can spend . Sorry Activision - you f**ked it up . Try to learn from this , take a break - think of something cool and innovative , and get back to present. Enough of this future sh*t .

Battletoad, Mar 25, 2017

Call of Duty is the shame of the game industry. Disregard for the consumer, the players. Stupid conveyor. Inept team of developers and the company as a whole.

ronaldo1226, Nov 5, 2016

this game looks and feels cheaper than a generic mobile fps game. these devs should stop wasting time and money on this boring franchise. most big companies these days are afraid to come up with something new, the only unique and different fps game released in the last few years was rainbow six siege. it's a shame to see so many resources wasted like this