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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is a direct sequel to the previous game in the series, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, with a campaign storyline continuing the struggle of U.S. forces against an invasion by the Russian Federation following the framing of an undercover U.S. agent in a terrorist attack on Moscow. Together with classic Call of Duty multi-character control, Modern Warfare 3 contains deep multiplayer support, including two-player Co-op Survival mode. The game also contains all-new Kill Streak categories and customizable strike packages that offer more options for player combat styles and strategies.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 42846
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Modern, Arcade
Company / Developer
Activision / Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 reviews ( 7 )

idletask, Nov 8, 2011

Great game. I can say that because I actually played it. I like the new point/killstreak system. It really benefits the objective based game type player.

astrosafari, Nov 15, 2011

I've never been a massive COD addict, but this game is great. The developers clearly spent a lot of time refining the formula, and the gameplay is smooth and rewarding. Don't listen to the naysayers - if you enjoyed COD 4 and MW2, you'll enjoy this one. I was kind of surprised at the negativity surrounding it, especially during launch. If you're totally burnt out on the series, fine! Pick up another game and move on, but stop insulting the people who choose to buy it. To be honest, the single-player campaign could use some improving, but everything else in the game is just as fresh as anything you'd expect from a new game. Graphics are indeed better than those found in MW2, if only by a smidgen. Regardless, MW3 runs at a fluid 60 frames per second on my computer (with parts from 2008). To me, that's incredible! I find it hard to care about graphical innovation from one game to the next - the Modern Warfare series is still a story, not a tech demo. Worth picking up.

pr0digy, Nov 10, 2011

I don't know if I believe the other scores here or if people are just fed up. I think the game is fun in the campaign (although much too short like the rest in the series) the last mission is pretty amazing tbh. Multiplayer unfortunately feels a bit too samey for my tastes. The graphics are alright, although they definately need a new engine now. Overall I think critics rated this too high and it should get an average of around 70 %.

LieuRob, Nov 9, 2011

Uh.... Hear me out lol. This isnt because of some fanboy thing. Truly, considering the roughly 500 developers, that they would pull through. make it better you know? Of course, the campaign still hits you dead on; its fun and stuff, but its the same thing. The multiplayer is.... wrong. The gun perspectives look strange, animations are stale, and the sounds are horrible. Elite isnt revolutionary enough to need a whole team behind it. Expect the exact same game, with similar animations etc. I guess you could say that you will pay to keep playing MW2 with a new campaign and weapons. DLC material. Too short, a little lacklustre. Dont believe the reviews, I reckon that they are payed and they kind of tricked me. I knew this was coming and i got it cheap but I still feel a little wronged . Of course, I still have BF3 to keep me busy, but expect similar problems (except with multi and coop, they are flawless) but the campaign was a ltittle strange. I wont elaborate on the IW engine and the Frostbite 2 one, because this is not a rant, although i dont give details. The IW engine is borderline ok; it still looks fine, and there is a clear 60fps being consistent , but it shows that its a bad effort, as the swift controls and user friendly design was done badly on MW3.Look at the user reviews; take away around a quarter from pos and neg and you get rid of the fanboy crap. Still its bad. Activision knew that this would happen, considering Black ops had also bombed in actual worthiness so they hyped up MW3 with advertising and paying off reviewers eh.Expect a **** of kids who will infuriate you with obviously better guns. Expect to be screaming at the tubers and cheap deaths. Instead of ridding the MW franchise of the stupid kids its embellished it. If you love to the point that its all you talked about on Nov 7, buy it, Otherwise dont. It couldve been so much more, but it wasnt. (the console versions suffered more, i heard) Kids will flood it, ruin it, but if you are 12 go nuts.

omgurheadsgone, Nov 10, 2011

Maps lack the simplicity of the previous Modern Warfare's in the franchise, littered with useless junk every step of the way, and all sorts of little nooks and cranny's for your neighborhood camper to hide, these are just the basis of the problems with the third installment of "Infinity Ward's" Modern Warfare. Without Infinity Wards full development of the game, it feels that the new sledgehammer partner involved with activision has taken a more treyarch feel to the game, especially involving the design and over-all feel of the guns. I think that activision should strongly consider a major patch for the game, involving a stopping power perk, and/or a slight boost to the damage of all the guns, as well an attempt to fix the horrendous Hit-Detection in the game, and the release of some bigger, less cluttered maps. I am very disappointed in this game over-all, as it feels like an absolute half ass attempt to add better graphics (essentially just by adding garbage and crap all over the maps, and making them as cluttered as possible), and just over all poor map structure and game-play, I'm left with no choice but to return it as I am simply just not enjoying it at all. Keep in mind I have 46 days clocked on MW2, and am 10th prestige in MW1, this will be the first Modern Warfare I do not play because it is simply poorly designed. Better luck next time activision, Sincerely,OMGurHeadsGone

nomkukla, Jan 27, 2012

Finally got to try it, wait no I've already played this. Oh no, that was MW and MW2. Same game with new maps and stats. Graphics updated? Nope. Gameplay updated? Nope. PC users gets the shaft again? YES! I miss how PC games use to be $49.99, but because of this crappy company deciding to bump it up to $59.99, every other company followed suit. Crap game for a crap price.

MattM, Nov 9, 2011

A map and texture pack for MW2, which was a map and texture pack for cod 4.They added some garbage killstreak **** and call it a brand new game. I played about 5 hours of this steaming pile of **** at my friends house, and got exactly what I thought I would. Just like MW2, this is a slap in the face to PC gamers everywhere. There is dedicated server support, but guess what. THEY ARE ALL UNRANKED. In order to advance your character and grab the carrots dangling in your face, you must use the same broken P2P system that consoles use. Locked FOV, locked framerate, and tons of other bugs create the exact same experience PC players had with MW2. Hitscan, instant bullet travel time, along with locked FOV, ensures that the game will never require skill. It is a game for people who don't play video games, and it is an absolute insult to the hard work and innovation of other developers. It is essentially the Family Guy of FPS. Instant gratification for low IQ morons who think they know something. I am by no means a Battlefield fanboy, and I am disappointed in the "sequel" that is BF3, but at least it tried to innovate in all areas of the game. I have a number of problems with BF3, but it is still an infinitely superior game to this pile of dog****. If you plan on buying one or the other, I would highly recommend BF3, regardless of your platform of choice.