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Call of Juarez: The Cartel Call of Juarez: The Cartel is the third game from the Call of Juarez series.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 53 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2192
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Historic, Modern, Arcade
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / Ubisoft
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Call of Juarez: The Cartel reviews ( 7 )

Didacticus, Oct 16, 2013

This game ain't that bad. If you can feel the atmosphere in it then it's a beautiful game and you will have a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it. I've been playing almost all first person shooters since Quake 1 (1996) and this is just another one with a great atmosphere. South of U.S. and Mexico in a hot sun and a lot of criminals.

MB_, Oct 3, 2011

Maddeningly frustrating. Fundamentally flawed. Idiotic. However for a co-op game its well worth buying if it's on the cheapo. The concept of a co-op game where people are working against each other is the idiotic. The frustrating is the simple things like picking up your fallen team mates animates you from cover into the line of fire, putting you on the same dirt your friend was just on. As for the fundamentally flawed. Well a game where you have to search around looking for items but on rails so narrow the game resets if you explore too far.... a child could explain the problem with that. That all said, it looks pretty cool. Driving is fun. It all works [had to grenade my team mates a couple of times to reset a stuck room entry] and functionally is almost up to a Valve game. But things like constant in game phone calls, texts and slow cross hair switching, the depth of field focusing far too slowly and usually onto something invisible right in front of you. Oooh it's so infuriating, there's a good game here. Under the stupid. Dig deep tho!

dandalis, Dec 13, 2017

The Cartel isnt that bad, in fact it could've been a decent game actually under better circumstances, but Techland either really lacked talented developers to achieve something better, funding or their hand was rushed by Ubisoft to release the game in such problematic state. First thing that frustrated me was just how badly it runs on PC, frame rate was fine, but all the time i was playing there was this annoying stuttering, it wasnt game breaking, i did finish the game, but it severly impacted overall impressions in a bad way. Then there's the disappointing gameplay. Gunplay is pretty floaty, has little weight, not much impact, iron sights are quite terrible on all guns, sounds effects are very generic and severly lack punch, it still does the job, however its really not up to standards set by even much older FPS games. Character movement feels clunky, you cant jump too high leading to you not being able to scale small objects like boxes and small fences during gun battles, all the time when you aim down sights and try to adjust your aim camera moves further than neccessery. There are quite a few driving sections in game, which would be fine by me, but sadly cars have terrible and numb handling model and horrible turning circles making driving tiresome in the game. Also i got so sick of the constant few lines your 2 partners spit out all the time as banter. Also the visual style Techland uses in their game engine with overuse of such annoying effects like chormatic abberation to create illsuion of photo realism and hide not so impressive textures can really get on your nerves. On the more positive side, its kinda cool to have choice between 3 different characters to play as, they dont offer that much variety, but atleast they have distinct enough personalities and sub plotlines and objectives while playing adding some replay value if you enjoyed the game enough. Story was on the generic but at the same time somewhat enjoyable, playing as 3 different law agency taskforce who tend get their hand dirty was reasonably good fun. I personaly like the LA based street gang crime scene themes and Mexico drug cartel stuff going on. Theres plenty of interesting locations where shootouts take place in, like old mining ghost town, Mexican cemetery, LA gang lands, smuggler tunnels and others. I even was sad when certain non player story character died. One more positive thing, the weapon selection, there arent many heavy weapons, but good choice of pistols, i really liked to play with Makarov and various revolvers that many shooter games somehow nearly always skip over. In the end its an average guilty pleasure or time killer with shoddy PC optimization.

Ness, Sep 24, 2011

Absolutely bad game. Especially story, and gameplay...and setting...Shooting in that game is terrible. Paintball rifle have bigger recoil than guns in that game. It's have not got normal story. It's not interesting to play.I am big fan of the first two parts of "Call of Juarez", but "The Cartel" is VERY BIG UPSET. Where is incredible landscapes of wild west? Where is prairies and two cowboys? Where is Sheriff shooting ElBanditos? Spurs, whisky?The game I loved died July 22.

Dudster, May 6, 2012

I pre ordered this game mainly because I could coop it with a friend of mine. First problem was a sound problem. Turns out it has something to do with the microphone/headset. After a good while figuring that out, we both plugged in old earmuffs and an old microphone - thank god we still had them around. So finally he joins me and we start playing. First things that comes to mind are the ugly graphics. The pixelated symbols leading to the next waypoints. Then comes the horrible AI.. its just laughable for a game of 2011. The shooting itself feels.. well.. its just not fun and precise. And then there is a constant vertical sync happening, something that bothers me alot (screen tearing). No option to turn it off, and forced vsync through the graphic card is ignored. Despite all those shortcomings, despite the fact that this is the only game we've ever cooped where we DIDN'T HAVE FUN, we still kept at it. After all, we bought it. Then after playing a while we both start feeling somewhat dizzy from all the screen tearing and decide to leave it be and accept that its probably the worst game we've ever bought. I can look over a cheesy story. I don't mind colorful words, and I don't think that killing guys from a (Mexican?) cartel qualifies as racism, if its just the setting. It wouldn't make much sense to have mostly caucasians in such a cartel. What matters to me primarily is the quality of gameplay. And that quality is horrible. Don't buy this game, ever. If you want to coop something with a buddy, there are many older coop games out there which are actually enjoyable.

willzuma, Oct 19, 2011

I find it disappointing no one has pointed how utterly inaccurately the story paints the drug war that it comes off cartoonish and racist. The boring wave after wave of black and latino badguys, the achievement for killing 40+ black people in one level, this all has a damaging psychological impact that actually does decensitize it's player to the gory racial, and gender violence that is being committed, and without any honest context.This is the worst part. When you are chasing down the missing stripper, after strangling TWO OTHER STRIPPERS TO GET INFORMATION (this is so offensive, but it doesn't even matter because of what comes next), they paint the picture that human sex trafficking, one of the most heinous crimes in the world, has the cartel kidnapping American women and selling them in Mexico? Whoah. Whoah. Whoah. That has no basis in reality and is an INSULT to the women and children sold as slaves in the United States. It's Mexican women who are kidnaped and sold in the U.S. and other countries. To even entertain the opposite without recognizing the actual truth of it is so... brainless and I will say it. Misogynistic and Racist. I don't know if the game designers actually are stupid, bigoted and hate women, but they definitely think their audience is. Glad I didn't buy it and just watched some play through. No money should go toward this game. Ever.

Zarunil, Sep 19, 2011

This game is so bad, I don't know where to begin. Terrible controls, graphics, AI, gun-feeling. It's on-rails, has gray pixellated dots for you to follow (as if you can get lost in the first place, it is completely linear). Stereotypical, boring characters. Just stay away... what a waste of a great franchise.