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Card Hunter (2013) Card Hunter is is an innovative new take on strategy gaming that lets its developers flex their turn-based gaming muscles in a way that they never could have as part of a bigger outfit.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1559
Genre Strategy, General
Company / Developer
Blue Manchu / Blue Manchu
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Card Hunter (2013) reviews ( 7 )

ACfromDC, Sep 17, 2013

This is my favorite F2P game right now. It is really addicting. You don't need to play it everyday, but once you start playing it you can't put it down. I have several friends who are also now hooked on this game.

MaroBaro, Sep 25, 2013

long time magic fan... i still play it a lot semi-pro but this game is super dope. highly recommend it.... ohh and you can pretty much just go single player and never spend a dime. i would recomend getting the 25$ base package tought

BCNE, Sep 17, 2013

I've been hooked on Card Hunter since beta. I'm hoping the game comes to mobile devices soon. The only thing I would like to see a longer campaign map.

Mudget, Dec 10, 2013

Best browser game I've ever played. A great combo of role-playing and turn-based tactical combat. Although you really don't get to design characters per se, the items they equip (in the form of cards) make characters individual, with a host of battle and spell powers. The overall 'story' of the game is kind of hilarious, as you find yourself a player to a DM (Dungeon Master) controlled by the computer. This DM is about as geeky as they come, but combined with the graphical style of literally looking down at a 'table top', complete with grid-based dungeons the whole thing just totally works. Yes, the game is free to play. Yes, you can buy much more uber gear with real money, but even if you only run through the campaign without spending a dime, you will have had a blast, and for free. This one's a must. A gem that is truly unique. I can't believe this is a browser game. Play it!

Jimbo364, Sep 27, 2013

Probably the most fun and addicting turn based game I've played yet. The loot system is great, cards are tied to items and there are many items to collect. The campaign is very long with 40 levels and an additional 11 that you can buy. The graphics are very fitting, the gameplay is very deep and will make you think hard at times. Multiplayer is fun, although it could use more modes since it only has Capture the Point for now. Overall a great game for any board game and/or turn based RPG fan.

Radiant999, Sep 22, 2013

This game must-play for CCG fans; I've been a fan of the genre since I first played MTG back in the 90ies, but I quit, because it was becoming too expensive. I still like to play digital CCG though, but most games are pay-to-win and offer very little content unless you spend a lot of money on them. Card Hunter is completely free, you can buy a "club membership" to receive 1 extra item after each battle, but you won't need those at all. The game itself is a superb grid-based tactical rpg with a lot of focus on deck-building through looting. Many different enemies, item combinations, strategies and a huge list of cards make sure it never becomes repetitive.

Kluge, Oct 4, 2013

Card Hunter is a CCG with items instead of a standard deck of individually-selected cards. Items function as "coupled card packs" where each item slot is an opportunity for putting new cards in a character's deck, keeping in mind that you can only equip one item (or "coupled card pack") there. You control three characters with their own decks, of which the cards have very standard CCG effects. Battles work in a standard CCG way, where you lay one card per turn, then the other person lays a card. At the end of battles you loot new equipment (rather, in a roundabout way, new "coupled card packs"). The p2w aspect is definitely there, but the pay part isn't too horribly in-your-face after the hand-holding initial section of the single-player campaign (though they definitely sell it), and the singleplayer campaign can be easily played through without needing to buy anything (at least as far as I went before quitting). This is pretty much the game if you've played a CCG, you've pretty much played this. I didn't find anything particularly exciting about it, and it didn't hold my attention. I've never had much interest in CCG, so I'll beg pardon for the negative rating, but this game did nothing to turn me into a fan of the genre, as someone who very much enjoys other subgenres of strategy games.