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Castle In The Darkness
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1490
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
Nicalis / Matt Kap
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Castle In The Darkness reviews ( 7 )

Protomandrew, Mar 3, 2015

Castlevania II + Megaman + Metroid + zelda. Really awesome 8-bit game. It's challenging, but not too much so to where you really hate the game. The game was very well done. Graphics were fantastic. Music was really nice. Reminded me of a lot of old NES games. Much longer than I expected. Most definitely worth the 6 bucks I paid for it on steam. I spent around 10 hours on this game to beat it and get 100%.

somedude14, Feb 19, 2015

Metroid + Conquest of the Crystal Palace + Castlevania 3 + Kid Icarus + Zelda 2 in a blender = this game. Plus a wicked metal/punk chiptune soundtrack. The scanline effect was probably simple to implement but the effect on the retro feel is outstanding. This game exudes excellence in every regard.

binary_fireball, Aug 9, 2015

I registered just to review this game. It's retro metroidvania but with modern design. If you liked Rogue Legacy or dark souls you'll like this. 16 hours in and not half way through!

DeviantArt, May 19, 2015

What seemed ridiculously hard and near impossible for me at first turned out to be an amazingly fun game in the end. First things first, before getting into this game you need to realize it's very challenging, and you're probably going to have a lot of trial and error. If you're just not good with old-school game difficulty then you might want to back off, otherwise expect a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. I think that the beginning parts of the game are definitely some of the most difficult, simply due to the player's lack of experience and also because of how quickly you die. I've played through the game twice, the first time I died countlessly as I hopped and flailed my sword around not really knowing what to do; the second time I gracefully defeated the bosses and dodged spikes with very infrequent deaths. In other words this is a game you need to learn how to be good at, and it's very precision based. All of the bosses have particular patterns they follow, and some have weaknesses you can exploit. I also should not forget to mention that the soundtrack for this game is really good, some tracks, like the Sunken Temple theme made me sit still for a while just to listen to them. The only complaint I have is about the bugs. The first time I played the game I couldn't get to the Torture Chamber because of a glitch. It's also possible to get stuck in the Sunken Temple if you go there without a particular item from what I've heard. Anyways, Castle In The Darkness is an awesome game. If you're looking to scratch your retro platformer itch, then I wholeheartedly recommend this game. It gets a 9/10 from me.

GAGMR, Mar 5, 2015

If you've played a lot of classic games you will see a lot of funny references in this game. It is a hard game that looks & feels like a mixture of classic NES games. It plays simple enough with the 2 button control. Attack with one button, jump with the other & you get a charge style attack that changes depending on the spell you have equipped. It's a very good metroidvania style game. There's a very heavy emphasis on exploration as well. You really have no idea on where you need to go & the game gives you very little direction. There are several places in the beginning that you can enter but if you lack a certain upgrade you won't get very far. I found this out the hard way. You are very weak in the beginning & will die a lot but you get health upgrades from bosses, find them in the world & can buy them from certain shops. There are also various enemy types that will remind you of other games. One in particular is a blue hedgehog that attacks you with a spin dash. The bosses are hard at first but they each have a set pattern that once you learn will be able to beat them easily. Overall I haven't gotten very far in this game yet but I have seen enough that I can already recommend it. If you want a classic NES style game & you thought Shovel Knight was too easy then you should pick this one up. It's also good for anyone who wants a decent metroidvania style game.

PixelSlayer, Feb 11, 2015

Castle in the Darkness is a must own "Metroidvania" game from Matt Kap (lead artist for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth) and Nicalis. You assume the role of a pint sized blue knight on a quest to find the princess and help her find her absent father. Helping her, however... is no easy task. The world is filled with a variety of traps, enemies, and death around every corner. Some areas you will be stuck in for hours dodging spikes and cleverly placed traps. Along the way you find numerous weapons, armor, magic, and items to upgrade your hero so you can slay the 50+ unique bosses and progress through a beautiful 16-bit world with pixel perfect control. Although casual gamers will be frustrated by the difficulty of the game, hardcore gamers will love the challenge Castle in the Darkness presents.

stop9091, Dec 30, 2016

The developer(s) did an exact clone of an 80s NES game. This is not how good modern-retro games are done; good games in this category have, under the (pixelated) hood, modern mechanics (eg. Shovel Knight). This game instead is stuck with poor controls, trivial mechanics, and instadeaths everywhere. If you feel like playing a pixelated metroidvania, play Axiom Verge. If you feel like playing a platformer, play Shovel Knight. If you feel like playing a modern metroidvania, play Ori and the blind forest. If you feel like a masochist bound to nostalgia and bad taste, then do play Castle in the Darkness.