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Catwoman (2004) Control Catwoman as you play the movie, utilizing her unique catlike skills, senses and cunning to defeat her enemies. Boasting incredible acrobatic skills, Catwoman can leap across roofs, run up walls, pounce on prey, utilize inimitable "cat senses," and avoid enemy bullets with feline grace. In addition, she can use her whip to swing through the air, and utilize the fully interactive environments to trap or knock her foes unconscious. The game takes you through numerous levels set in seven different locations from the movie. [Electronic Arts]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 48 / 100
User rating
Downloads 707
Genre Action Adventure, Modern, General
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
EA Games / EA Games

Catwoman (2004) reviews ( 3 )

ChristopherS., Feb 18, 2007

Not nearly as bad as everyone seems to think and quite possibly one the more underrated games of its year. Catwoman certainly ranks as one the most beautifully rendered and animated characters to ever star in a video game. Not only is she wonderful to look at but she is equally wonderful to control. Her body responds quickly and precisely to analog gamepad input and pulling off cool moves is not terribly difficult. The combat sequences are not especially fantastic but they are for the most part well implemented and enjoyable. As stated above this is primarily a platformer and as such there is a lot of jumping and swinging, if thats not your thing then you should probably skip this release. Most reviewers have complained about the camera work and to some extent they are correct. Camera movement is constrained and focuses primarily on Catwoman, for obvious reasons. However, you can activate a first person view that allows you to look about wherever you wish, admitably only while you are standing still. I for one adjusted to this limitation and ultimately found it not to be much of an issue. And to be honest I could spend hours just watching her walk, boy oh boy can she walk. Overall the graphics are nice and should perform well on most modern gaming machines. A diamond in the rough that can be had for a song.

ShaneW., Jul 27, 2004

Looks good, but is impossible to control without a joypad, and even with, you'll spend more time wrestling with the camera angles than enjoying the game.

Bho, Sep 3, 2004

Very very poor game by such a big name. Camera angles are the worst, controls are just as bad. Futhermore, graphics are average in my opinion. The only thing I liked was a hint of martial arts, however, that was also limited, I fund myself doing the same moves over and over! Nothing special, not at all impressed. Similar titles which are better I can suggest are Max Payne 2 and Spiderman 2.