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CAYNE Hadley wakes in a facility. She is 9 months pregnant. They want her baby... CAYNE is the free, isometric horror game from the creators of STASIS.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1241
Genre Adventure, General
Company / Developer
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CAYNE reviews ( 4 )

moneypot99, Feb 8, 2017

Like STASIS from The Brotherhood, Cayne is much the same. You’ve still got the isometric view, pixel-hunting gameplay and bleak environment. The combination remains potent. Minor changes have culminated into a game better in many ways compared to the bigger STASIS. Cayne is a better looking game than Stasis, and runs on new technology. The environments Hadley traverses vary much more, and the environment interacts with her on a higher level than before. Her animations are convincing enough to match a pregnant woman’s. The only times her actions are not as realistic are when she pulls herself into spaces that appear as if she shouldn’t be able to. For example, if Hadley fell onto her stomach, she’d probably lose her baby. It seems logical that The Brotherhood had to omit some gory details like the suicides. Overall, Cayne is an excellent game.

Mandulum, Mar 12, 2017

Five Word Review: Short and enjoyable isometric horror Favorite Thing: Lots of good looking environments. Least Favorite Thing: Really don't like the door/transition hotspots. There were more than a few times I got stuck simply because the hot spots were so hard to find. Completion Date: 2017-03-08 Playtime: ~ 2h (100% Complete) Enjoyment: 7/10 Recommendation: Yeah. It's free, so you can't go wrong there, but it has good production values. If you liked STASIS you'll like this.

sft, Jul 23, 2017

Fairly able CAYNE is free to play and as such deserves a little leniency. It is, in fact, a pretty good game, although it does have faults. A good story is essential for an adventure game and in this respect CAYNE scores quite highly. It has a reasonably engaging narrative which propels the short game well enough. The voice acting is pretty good for an independent game as are the graphics and the cut scenes. However, it falls short in a number of ways. The puzzles are often entirely devoid of logic. Many can only be solved by trial and error (or the help of a walkthrough), and often involve a good deal of tedious backtracking. The UI is also clumsy and awkward to use. However, despite these annoyances it’s worth playing, although if it wasn’t so short I might have given up out of frustration before completing it.

VoxMare, Mar 15, 2017

Беспросветное унылие. По задумке авторов, бесплатная игра "Кейн" должна подтолкнуть меня к покупке друого детища -- "Стазиса". Увы. За пару часов я увидел примитивнейший пиксельхантинг, запоминание 4-ех символов и бюджетную графику. Ей богу, некоторые пиксельные игры выглядят красивее этого недоразумения. Сюжет обрывочный(приквел, да), да и не цепляет абсолютно. А еще игра жутко медленная. Анимации, ходьба героини, СКОРОСТЬ ЗАЧИТКИ ТЕКСТА(я все уже прочитал, но вынужден сидеть и ждать, пока они дочитают диалог). Хороша атмосфер, но на одной атмосфере нельзя уехать. Важен геймплей, сюжет, а этого тут нет. Примитивный квест с куцым сюжетом. Не советую играть. Лично я, для себя, поставил крест и на "Стазисе".