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Celtic Kings: Rage of War Both RTS and Role-Playing gamers will enjoy the experience of becoming the young Warrior Larax, who after losing his beloved one, has given himself to the goddess of war, Kathubodua. In strategic mode, you play against computer opponents or other players on the Internet exercising your strategic and tactical skills to achieve objective victory. You train and command many units, hire and develop heroes, acquire powerful artefacts and conquer strongholds and villages. Launch large-scale military campaigns against your foes to bring them to their knees. The game-play in this mode is similar to the traditional RTS gameplay. In adventure mode, you control a party of heroes and explore the world as the struggle between Caesar and the Gaul chieftain evolves. Which side you will support? Will you betray your allies of yesterday? Will you follow the mysterious druids as they request your assistance? Command strongholds and large armies; take risky missions behind the enemy lines. Find powerful artefacts to support you. [Strategy First]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 84 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1375
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Historic, General
Players 1-8
Company / Developer
Strategy First / Haemimont, Haemimont Games
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Celtic Kings: Rage of War reviews ( 1 )

Voyou, Sep 7, 2016

Celtic Kings disappoints immediately by its ignorance of basic Gaulish history, culture, topology and every other detail. It's awfully counter-educative. It's got non-Gaulish names, horned helmets, even (while on the subject) Vikings, which are almost 1000 years apart. On the other hand, no wooden roads, no war chariots, nothing the Gauls are famous for. A big turn off for Celtic lovers. The graphics are good. The sound is bad, particularly the voices. The built-in editor is pretty cool and saves this title from too low a rating by adding to an already more than decent durability. Now for the gameplay, supposedly a mix of RPG and RTS. Contrary to what professional reviews pretend, CK examplifies how to fail at both. This is as much an RPG as my grandfather was the imperatrix of Samoa. Hack n' slash, yes, with your hero mowing nondescript units without your intervention. Leveling, artefacts, and everybody's personal favorite, the escort quest, don't make it an RPG either. The RTS part generously includes not building anything, which again is a turn off for me because it means it's going to be battles after battles. These battles are just a mess, to put it simply. The way units look, are controlled, move and are animated, one would really need a slow mo and a magnifying glass to follow what's happening. Your units can starve. Quickly. From experience, it always sounds like a bad idea to include such mechanics. On the paper, it kind of appeals, but it's really hard to implement without introducing a huge hassle. CK handles that pretty well, all things considered, mainly because it uses only 2 resources. Still, after a while, sending mules becomes really tedious. If you forget about Gaul and take it as classic heroic fantasy shenanigans, try CK, as there is nothing really bad with the mechanics. On the contrary, it does offer some welcome originality, making it a pure question of taste.