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Champions Online Earth's first and best line of defense is its heroes. For generations, brave men and women have answered the call to protect the world from the villains who threaten its safety and security. Today, organizations such as VIPER, ARGENT and PSI use both superpowers and super technology in their dastardly plots to control the world. Creatures from outer space and other dimensions seek to enslave humanity. Super scientist Teleios is creating an army of clones and superpowered constructs to do his bidding. The greatest threat of all is Doctor Destroyer. A superhuman genius driven to conquer, Destroyer will not stop until all of humanity bends knee to his greatness. In 1992, Destroyer obliterated the city of Detroit and killed thousands. With years to prepare, his next attack is sure to put the entire planet in peril. Led by The Champions, protectors of Millennium City, the world's heroes have launched a crusade for peace, security and justice. But they need allies. Defender is calling for a new generation of superheroes to fight in a war against evil that spans the globe - and beyond. Save the world. Be a Champion. [Atari]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3129
Genre Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer Online, Massively Multiplayer, Sci-Fi
Company / Developer
Atari , Atari SA / Cryptic Studios

Champions Online reviews ( 7 )

Fideous, Sep 2, 2012

Champions Online is now three years old and the developers have worked tirelessly to improve game play, include new content and resolve the bugs which were abundant on the initial release. Perfect World bought this game and Star Trek Online from Atari for over $50 million dollars and the new content is coming in at least twice a week. Taken at face value with all the included changes, its the most diverse, hero customizable, and tight community you would want to be a part of! It's now free-to-play, they still offer lifetime memberships as well as monthly accounts for extra perks. Graphics are great and support DirectX 11 -- posted tweaks on Steam to make them even better. The game play is fast and action oriented, the new alert system puts you in the action instantly, the characters are customizable with character points in addition to powers, you can create your own nemesis which appears in the world. It's worth travelling back to Millennium City to see the improvements -- for free!

Xiru, Sep 5, 2009

Extremely solid combat, good writing and incredibly deep character customization. This one should appeal even to burnt-out MMO players with its freshness. Even if you don't play past your free month, the experience is totally worth it.

ScottM, Oct 18, 2009

I started playing about 2 weeks ago with my Pre-SW:TOR guild and this MMO really has potential. I've played WoW, WAR, etc since they all came out and I have to say so far I love Champions. They have fixed a lot of bugs with the game so thats a poor excuse to give it a poor rating. They are doing very well with pumping out constant fixes with any problem they find. The Combat system is amazing and NOT turn-based, rather then being gear and rotation based like WoW, It actually takes skill to excel in PvE and PvP. The Charater Customization i obviously great. truthfully it's just fun and its a good change from repetitive MMOs.

Ansatsu83, Jul 10, 2011

PvE vs PvPFirst and foremost, I do like to take part in both PvE and PvP elements in any given game. I find that this game is a decent cross between World of Warcraft (vanilla or Burning crusade wow, not wrath or cata) and CoH/CoV. The Bad: There are issues where I am getting killed in two hits on a single map, and it only gets worse the higher you level. Healers are far too overpowered and will not die nor will their team die in pvp. Problem is, there is only 1 healer in any given match on 1 team, not any others.The teleport power is by far the only power to use if you want to go into pvp as it makes you untargetable for quite a while and allows you to zip around the map and avoid death. A healer with teleport is basically an unstoppable win. You cant get a single kill in the game at that point.The zombie game mode is ok but the problem is, it counts towards your win/loss and I have yet to see a win. This is a massive design flaw.There is also a bug where if you are the last to die in a PvP match you end up dying in the game world. This causes star loss which cuts your DPS and healing ability down quite a bit.The customer service is basically nothing, it makes EA and Blizzard customer service look decent. They will send you a randomly generated response without reading a single thing.There are also random lag spikes (yes, it means ping) which causes pings to go above 2k. Problem is at 2k ping when you are already in combat, you die.The good: The game can run on almost any computer (mine is not too bad, I can run any game released today) but it is beneficial if you have a friend or family member who has a bad comp. But this also means it gets rated down on the graphics end (1 point off the total score honestly in this review).The game play and controls are fluid as well, the missions are repetitive but they throw in lots of unique NPC types to keep you entertained. The adventure packs are also decent, but only if you want to spend money on the game itself.Also the character customization is possibly one of the best in any mmo you will find, I think it has slightly more customization options than perfect world and that game is insane for it.Bottom line: It is a decent game, tons of character creation options, decent game play which keeps you entertained in many ways, but extremely broken PvP which the dev's refuse to fix. If you like PvE give the game a shot, if you like PvP you will be yanking your hair out at some of the stupid situations the dev's put in the game which are completely unavoidable if you refuse to not play PvPGraphics: 4 out of 10Sound: 3 out of 10Gameplay: 6 out of 10 (due to pvp being BROKEN)Longevity: 8 out of 10Controls: 9 out of 10

AnonymousMC, Sep 8, 2009

Looks and plays like an unpolished City of Heroes clone. Not a terrible game, but doesn't really seem to offer anything substantial over CoH, and is missing plenty of features and polish that CoH players will miss. In another year or two it may be good, but right now, meh.

darknothing, Sep 4, 2010

What pisses me off is what your paying for.19$ for the game + 16$ a month.....THEN more money for the C store for more items/costumes.... the c store should be currency you earn from in-game.... not real money... its just a cheap way to gouge players even more...with a monthly fee everything else should be free........

AlexL, Sep 3, 2009

Horrible controls, crappy story, corny/crappy music & voice-overs, ultra-boring grindfest, teaming is beyond broken, way too many costume parts need to be unlocked & can only be unlocked per char & not account-wide, atari & cryptic want to drain your wallet through microtransactions on top of a subscription. graphics also get old fast & are tiresome to look at when the new game hype disappears.