Chantelise: A Tale of Two Sisters Crack/Patch

Chantelise: A Tale of Two Sisters Five years ago, a witch's curse beneath the red moon turned Chante into a fairy. Now she and her sister Elise search for a way to transform her back into a human, and in their travels they come across a particular town, which is home to a number of nearby ruins, as well as a peculiar shopkeeper named Aira, and a strange, mercurial fortune-teller who calls herself Elma.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 64 / 100
User rating
Downloads 973
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Company / Developer
Carpe Fulgur / EasyGameStation

Chantelise: A Tale of Two Sisters reviews ( 7 )

drkbef, May 22, 2012

Took me a long time to finally play this one, but when I did, I couldn't put it down! Don't be fooled by the Metacritic score, this is actually a really fun game. Most of the complaints are regarding the camera, however, this is easily countered by USING A CONTROLLER. This game is definitely meant to be played using a controller, so do so. The action in this game is very fast paced, and the magic system is all handled in game through collecting gems. This has the advantage of keeping you in the action, and avoiding having to go into the menu to change spells and interrupt what you are doing. That being said, later in the game when I got a greater variety of items, I was having to go into it to switch my armour and accessories to gain certain effects.I have the steam version, and it comes with a config utility that lets you re-assign the buttons, so don't worry about that. I managed to beat the game in around 14 hours, including getting the secret treasures on each level (I used the gamefaq). There is also a fishing game that I didn't play too much as I don't care for those. Some would say this is short, but for the price, I think it's plenty long for the value. I would rate the challenge as very good. I did die a lot on some of the bosses, but once you figure out what to do, it's not a problem. Also, if you die, while you lose your progress in the level, you do keep any money and treasure you find which is a VERY welcome feature, allowing you to save valuable grinding to buy better gear.It's tragic that the score has suffered because the critics were too lazy or unimaginative enough to realize that a controller is the way to go, but that is also Carpe Fulger's fault for not suggesting it more directly. This is a VERY underrated game. If you like action RPGs, I suggest you buy it now.

Nikkistix686, Mar 17, 2012

The game is challenging and fun with a good story, I highly recommend using a controller with the game and you won't have any camera angle issues, which seems to be killing the games ratings. The game comes with a controller configuration setup for a reason I'd assume but some people I guess don't catch onto that.

tallanx, Nov 24, 2011

Hard game. Fun game. Cheap game. I enjoyed myself very much playing this game and I definitely think it's good value for money. That being said, it is not for everyone. I strongly suggest that people try out the demo using Steam. And if you like the demo then buy it. The demo is a very small download and it's currently on sale from Steam, so it's well worth trying.

KonataGoTimotei, Dec 15, 2012

Due to its charming art-style and characters, this game brings a nice refreshment to the indie genre. Where as the poster-child of indie games is an 8-bit side-scroller with metroid-isq exploration, this is trying to be different with its game-play and mechanics. Its unique, funny, cute, and enjoyable, but it still falls short in some areas. While it has a nice challenge to it, with interesting boss battles, enemies, and areas, it is also borderline aggravating at times. Your attacks aren't 100% reliable, so while it is skill based, its also a bit of luck involved with it. And because this game is skill based, it also means that trying to grind up levels or money to buy the best equipment doesn't work. The game isn't exp-based, its based on items. To increase your health, you buy an item specifically for that, making money-grinding a kind of PITA at times. Really, all in all this is a charming and fun game, that's refreshing and enjoyable, but there are moments that you will have trouble and probably get irritated at it because of its sometimes unforgiving difficulty.

genoforprez, Nov 6, 2011

First and most importantly, I would not recommend this game if you do not have a gamepad. The keyboard controls (as so many others have rightly said) are NOT friendly and will just make you want to beat your head against a wall. However, if you have a gamepad, the controls are simple and light. Of second importance, you must know that this game is NOT ANYTHING LIKE RECETTEAR. If you are hoping that Chantelise will be another creative twist on the RPG genre, as Recettear was, then you will be disappointed. Chantelise is for the most part an extremely basic hack and slash game. (Note, for example, that your character does not have levels or stats but only gets stronger through finding or purchasing new items and equipment.) Now the interesting things about Chantelise that would serve as an appropriate reason to purchase are the following. 1) Quest structure. Each chapter of the game's quest is set at a particular map location, and each location is divided into areas. In order to complete a chapter of the quest and advance the story, you must blaze through the entire dungeon without being defeated. However, you are free to practice any area of the dungeon in a sort of "time trial" mode until you discover all the strategies--and possibly valuable equips--you will need to blaze through. (The boss battles in particular can be extremely difficult. Many have been frustrated at the high level of difficulty of even the very first boss.) Forcing you to blaze through fairly challenging dungeons (and very challenging bosses) in a single run without save points, and forcing you to start over completely if you die, adds a certain level of tension that other RPGs lack and makes you feel much more accomplished for completing a dungeon. 2) The spell mechanic is interesting. Rather than having a set list of spells that charge you mana to cast, enemies drop colored gems when you beat on them. These gems can then be picked up and used to cast spells corresponding to the elemental color of the gem (red = fire, blue = water, etc). You can even combine gems to create new, more powerful spells. At first this feels awkward as a magic system, because it slightly randomizes your spells, but it becomes fun once you start to experience it more like "punch enemies until their pieces fall out, pick up pieces, throw them back for damage." This is especially interesting in larger battles where you have to beat the gems out of smaller enemies in order to throw them at large enemies that are dangerous to get close to. 3) Each area of every dungeon has a hidden treasure that requires you to solve its mystery before it will appear. In one area, you might have to destroy every torch on the map before it will appear. In another area, you might have to race past all the enemies on the map and kill the very last enemy first before it will appear. Some of these are extremely difficult to figure out, but a lot of them can be easily discovered if you have good intuition. So if you're looking for an extremely basic hack and slash with 1) interesting quest structure, 2) quirky spell mechanic, and 3) secret treasure chests, then this might be a good game for you. If you want another Recettear, this is not what you're looking for.

CCL-sama, Sep 8, 2013

I love the game Recettear! It was funny and there was a lot of things you can do there. But this game is almost the opposite. The world of Chantelise is so small and the dungeon are so long and annoying! There is no checkpoint in the dungeon like Recettear (in story mode). If you want to go back you have to go the whole way back which is just stupid and if you are getting killed by the endboss you have to go again from the startpoint of the dungeon to the endboss. They reused some items, textures and sprites and even some endbosses from Recettear which on the one hand is not bad because the story may happen in the same world as Recettear but on the other hand this game feels like a mod with the same old item a few new things.... If you want to play hardcore rage rpg and getting killed many times. Buy it now!

gaminggirl, Aug 12, 2013

This is what happens when you fail in converting a game from console to PC. I'm sure it can be fun, if you use a controller instead of a keyboard. The story could be good, I never could keep my interest up long enough when most of the energy went to keeping track of what key on the keyboard means square button and so on.