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Chaos Legion Savage by Nature...Play as young knight, Sieg Wahrheit, who must face off against an old friend in this gothic action adventure. To fight, summon and command seven different warrior legions each with their own signature weaponry. Chaos Legion, a graphic masterpiece and savage gothic opera played out through intense and challenging levels of real time, cut-throat action! [Capcom]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 39 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1427
Genre Action Adventure, Fantasy, General
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Capcom / Capcom
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Chaos Legion reviews ( 3 )

JohnR., Sep 8, 2009

To be honest I do not understand why everyone seems to hate this game. The presentation is decent and the fighting is real fun - there's not enough games of this kind for the PC except maybe Devil May Cry but personally I must say that I enjoyed this game much more than DMC 3 and 4. The level design is interesting and quite varied and I really liked the game's atmosphere. And the "Legion" system is something really unique. Also I do not understand the complaints concerning the conversion - this game always worked fine for me and the controls are as good as they can get (and it's stupid to play this kind of games without using a gamepad anyway).

Sam, Aug 10, 2006

I got this game on sale, remembering that the reviews were ok, so i figured i'd at least try it. what i got was a very generic hack and slash game, with a story line that did not in any way effect the game play. pretty much, it was either, kill all the monsters or kill the boss monster, and after that, a video trying to explain the killing, but failing. now granted, if you enjoy kill everything button mashers, then play away, if you don't, then don't buy this game.

KajetanG., Dec 2, 2005

Well ... it seems that NO ONE of these people who are giving 10 points ever played at least a few seconds of this crap. I did! TWO, yes, fuckin' two hours until i gave up. Oh boy, and i really wanted to like this game ... The reviews are saying enough. Read them and weep! And yes, about the 2 points ... one is for my high hopes before playing this game and the second is for the nice music. Everything else is crap, really bad crap!