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Chaos Reborn At the heart of Chaos Reborn is an intuitive and fluid turn-based wizard combat system. You play the role of a fighting wizard armed with a selection of spells and magical staff. Some spells summon creatures but others are more exotic, such as the Gooey Blob which spreads uncontrollably across the terrain. The balance between Law and Chaos can be altered to your advantage, or you can cast illusions to deceive your adversaries. It’s a game of bluff, tactics and calculated risks with nail-biting decisions from one turn to the next.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 87 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1520
Genre Fantasy, Strategy, Turn-Based, General
Company / Developer
Snapshot Games Inc. / Snapshot Games Inc.
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Chaos Reborn reviews ( 7 )

9214, Jun 6, 2016

Lovely and unique approach to TBS genre from a little indie studio headed by established maître of this genre Julian Gollop. Originally created as a re-imagining of good ol' Speccy classic, this title managed to bring fresh air in almost every aspect of classy strategy play. While core mechanics seems to be purely luck based with zero skill involved at the first glance, in fact it requires from player to re-flash his wetware in order to master sophisticated witchcraft and wizardry of risk management, short-term planning, bluffing and even behavioral psychology, keeping massive impact on improvisation and enthusiastic play style. This little gem does not hesitate to constantly treat you as a newbie, without concessions. Things never will work like you want them to; for someone watching his precious 90% cast failing could be a punishing experience. The key is - hope for the best, prepare for the worst! Still, if you can't wrap your wishful thinking around Chaos Reborn, it will be better for you to stay away from RNG sorcery. That said, if you've desperately wandering around game market in search for deep and thoughtful game with unique mechanics of chess and poker - rejoice! No doubt this game has it's own flaws, but most of them could be classified as first attempts from inexperienced little indie studio. Come on, fellow wizard, join me in this zingy journey of blobs and bolts with almost infinite replay ability and tons of fun!

Ped, Oct 26, 2015

Awesome game, played over 850 hours so far and absolutely love it. So much re-playability. All about tactics, positioning, spell selection and smart use of mana. Best TBS game for a long time, really friendly community too.

Kwerkus, Nov 2, 2015

Easily one of the best tactics games of the last decade. Decide for yourself: Am I a whining scrub who doesn't understand probabilities and cries at the first sign of challenge and adversity or rather a seasoned gamer who appreciates tactical richness, enjoys the challenge of reformulating a plan in the face of unexpected setbacks, and values replayability? I'll see you on the pitch.

krayzkrok, Oct 27, 2015

An exceptional game of turn-based tactics, built around a unique mechanic of casting creatures and other magical spells to combat other wizards, where you control and influence casting chance and even whether to deceive your opponents using illusions. Robust multiplayer options, plus a solid single player experience give this game enormous longevity. This is from the same designer as the original X-Com game, and he knows how to design compelling games that you'll be playing years from now. Highly recommended.

nickylee, Oct 27, 2015

If you are a fan of strategy games, you owe it to yourself to give this a chance. Yes, it can be quite RNG heavy but there's ways of mitigating that. Like poker, keeping a careful eye on your opponent and playing the odds will see you winning more games than losing.

wittzi, Oct 26, 2015

I've been a fan of turn-based strategies (TBS) as a kid and this really is one of the best TBS' out there. Overseen by Julian Gollop himself (creator of XCom, Chaos, Rebelstar Raiders, etc ...), this game really stands out amongst a sea of mediocre games at the moment. I've put a huge amount of time into it and pretty much shunned all my other AAA titles for it. Build up a wizard and fight to the death against other wizards, or work co-operatively to bring down enemies. Each spell has a percentage chance and you can boost them if you collect mana points. Each wizard also has an alignment (Law, Chaos, etc) and you can manipulate this to favour your spells. Overall it will be the best money you ever spend as no two games are the same, there's great strategy and tactics and it has pretty much THE friendliest community of any game I've ever played. Brilliant stuff.

alex_one, Feb 19, 2016

Snapshot Games introduces their own theory of probability. You expect that spell with 90% success rate will be casted? You shouldn't. 80%? Nah. Once my wizard failed to cast 3 spells with 80% success rate one after another. The other side of this coin is for example you may think that your buffed shielded wizard will survive one hit from silly rat which have only 13% to success. But he won't. So my point is when you say that some event will happen with 80% success than it should be exactly 80%. Otherwise its nonsense. I would not recommend anyone game with such broken random numbers generator.