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Chess 2: The Sequel
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 64 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1061
Genre Miscellaneous, Board Games, Board / Card Game
Company / Developer
Ludeme Games / Ludeme Games
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Chess 2: The Sequel reviews ( 2 )

scorpion016, Oct 19, 2014

After playing chess for years as a family tradition, Chess 2: the Sequel is GODSEND. A perfect mix of strategy and wit, I think this game is the perfect replacement for chess. It is quick paced, completely unpredictable, and highly re-playable. If you don't believe me, just buy it and see. You will be pleasantly surprised!

sirius3100, Jan 26, 2015

I will give two different ratings for this game: One for the game of Chess 2 itself and another for the software implementation. Game itself: 8/10 That's the same rating that I would give for classic chess. I really like most of the additions to the standard chess rule-set: The different armies with their different weaknesses and strengths, the asymmetrical gameplay when players opt for different armies and the midline invasion rule. The last has the strongest impact on the style of the game as the traditional endgame of classic chess is very rare in Chess 2 as most games either end by one of the players winning by pushing their king(s) beyond the middle of the board or by being checkmated while trying to do so. While I believe that the game ends too often before the traditional endgame because midline invasions might be a tiny bit too easy, it's still a lot better than the often very long endgames of classic chess. And the different armies in Chess 2 are surprisingly well balanced. It isn't perfect in all possible match-ups, but most of time close enough. But there's one new addition to the game I don't really like: The bidding mechanic. This introduced a element of chance to the game. Yes there are times where this mechanic adds something to the game letting you make interesting tactic or strategic decisions and it can lead to interesting mind-games, but the latter isn't something I'd want in a chess variant. It might be a good thing in fighting games, which the author of the game rules is an expert in, but I just believe it doesn't really work well with chess. Without that bidding mechanic - and instead another rule to add some value to pawns - I would give the game 9/10. Software implementation: 5/10 Good things: - Good looking graphics - 2D and 3D option - Really nicely designed figures for the different armies - only way to play Chess 2 online - correspondence mode - correctly implemented rules (- matchmaking for live games) Bad things: - terrible AI, so playing against the computer isn't fun after you understood all the rules; but the sole(!) developer is working on an AI upgrade; if the new AI is good enough to at least challenge players of average skill I will change my rating to 6/10 - no local multiplayer mode (except for a very limited implementation in a still available older beta version) - very limited settings (only the resolution can be changed and the sound can be turned off) - rating system needs way too long to accurately show your skill level - no ladder - no log -> no way to review a match ingame - other minor missing things like a last move indicator, statistics or different time controls Another big problem of the game is the very low number of concurrent players which limits the matchmaking potential and the general chance to get a live game going. But there are always some correspondence games to be played.