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Child of Light Child of Light is a digital download, 2D side-scrolling role-playing game inspired by the art style of Studio Ghibli.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 79 / 100
User rating
Downloads 5162
Genre Action, Role-Playing, General
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / Ubisoft Montreal
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Child of Light reviews ( 7 )

DDilettante, Jan 17, 2015

Art. If given one word to describe this game, that is what I would use. Loading up this game is like stepping into a watercolour painting, in a room filled with poets. The question you'd most likely be asking at this point is; "would that really be my kind of thing?" It's not really a major selling feature for most people. But, even though this game at it's core is an artpiece, it is wrapped in extremely good gameplay. You play a young Austrian girl called Aurora, who awakens in a strange world touched by darkness, in 1895. You'll explore the vivid landscapes, interact with the colourful characters, and slowly transform from a naive young girl into a bold warrior. This is aided by soon finding a sword. And you'll need that sword, because there are always enemies lurking. These encounters is where this game really shines. It's a pseudo-real-time-turn-based-strategy combat, where each thing is represented on a time bar. When you near the end, you're in a "Cast" zone, where you choose your attack/defense. These have different speeds; higher powered attacks will take longer to complete. If you hit something that's in this zone before they hit you (or vice versa), then they will be interrupted and sent back along the timeline. I cannot express how deeply satisfying it is to overtake an enemy by the smallest margin and send it back. There is an edge-of-your-seat level to this that I was immensely addicted to. Enemies can be tough, and attack in packs, so you know you shouldn't be alone. You'll find controllable companions along the way, who will join your party. Each of them are experts in certain types of combat; you'll find a jester which helps with healing/reviving, and a wizard that deals great elemental damage, to name just two. However, you can only battle using two at a time, but switching mid-battle is possible. You'll also have a small luminous droplet following you, which when controlled by the mouse, can aid in many ways, such as blinding enemies to slow them, or heal your party members. My best advice is to play this on expert initially, unless you want to easily win each battle. I did have to dial it bask to casual after a while, though. Aurora also soon gets the ability to fly, which greatly helps with the exploring aspect. And explore you will; there are chests and goodies everywhere for you to pick up, most importantly the Oculi. These gems, when assigned to your party members, give certain attack and defense buffs which can be critical for particular enemy types. They are also craftable, opening even more types of buffs. The sheer amount of combinations means you'll spend a lot of time here. The story is charming, with lots of humour sprinkled throughout. And although the dialogue is spoken entirely in verse, I find it refreshing.

MetaGuy321, May 19, 2014

An amazing game on PC... Crank that baby up to full graphical settings and it's absolutely gorgeous. A wonderful experience that I hope one day to introduce to my kids when they are old enough to play games.

ShamrockVA, Apr 30, 2014

At least one perfect game in this year. You + your girlfriend + amazing story + worm, soft design. If you have problem with it, just go please and play TitanFall. Brutality awaits you.

letmebewithyou, May 5, 2014

This is the one of the best Western JRPG I have played. What makes me return to this game again and again is not the story or the gameplay. The story of Child of Light is not that unique, but still engaging because it is poetic. Gameplay looks simple but don't be fooled. Don't just randomly click or press anything coz your timeline moved. You have to pay more attention to the timeline to avoid getting pushed back, unless if your characters are lucky enough to dodge the attack. The music is what makes this game more worthy than ever. I use to reload an autosave just to listen to the boss battle music forever. How about the art? It's beautiful and sad at the same time. But should I really write a game review in rhyme?

Ixnatifual, Apr 13, 2015

It's like crime how Child of Light can rob you of your time. The combination of side-scrolling exploration, challenging turn-based tactical gameplay, amusing rhyming dialogues and a wonderful art style makes Child of Light an unusual but enjoyable gem. You'll quickly fall in love with the beatifully drawn landscapes of Lemuria as you travel through its dark forests, mountains and even under the sea. They are typically riddled with secret areas you can sniff out for treasure, puzzles or hidden bosses. Often there'll be more than one path to your destination, making exploration more interesting. During your travels, you'll meet many fun characters who'll give your quests, join you in your adventure, or both. My favourite was a female jester who couldn't do the dialogues in a proper rhyming fashion, allowing the other characters to jump in and correct her. Her healing abilities were also very welcome in a fight, making her one of my most used characters during combat. The combat is turn-based but has a real-time element that lets you delay enemies' turn or slightly heal your party out of turn. Timing this ability is important to winning encounters, as it lets you better use or avoid being the victim of the interrupt mechanic. Interrupting means hitting a character trying to perform an action, resulting in his turn being delayed. If you don't go for the easy difficulty, combat offers good and rewarding challenge that makes you invest time into considering how to specialise your characters. Each character has a network of specialisation trees, offering abilities unique to him while giving you a choice between the different paths. For example, there's a wizard who can specialise in lightning, water or fire, allowing him to excel against certain creature types vulnerable to his focused element. Another character can choose between improving his defense, his offense or his ability to direct enemy attacks against him. A problem that grows as the size of your party increases, is the frequency of level ups. Very quickly you'll be looking at one or multiple level ups after pretty much every battle as your characters gain levels and extra skill points to spend. It becomes tedious looking at the skill tree menu this often. Another part of character customisation is the Oculi system. Oculi are gems you gather and can use kind of like equipment items such as swords and armor in other games. They offer different bonuses depending on color and slot used, and can be combined to form more powerful gems. Oculi juggling gets a little cumbersome, but is nonetheless an important strategic element as you want to equip the right damage and resistance types depending on the opposition of your current area. Apart from having trouble with Steam starting the game through Uplay for some reason initially, the only bug I noticed in the actual game was that sometimes when entering combat, Aurora's (the main character) usually flowing hair wasn't drawn. If you're not playing on Easy difficulty and like to explore and look for secrets, you should expect around 20 hours of gameplay from Child of Light. TIP: While Child of Light offers controller support, I really must recommend using mouse and keyboard. You will need the precision to properly manage the real-time element of the otherwise turn-based combat. TIP: If, like me, you have trouble starting the game through Steam, try launching Uplay directly and start the game from there. After doing that, it's been working for me no problem.

deviantdizzy, May 15, 2014

I really love the flying in this game.. the storyline is ok, the fighting/movements/puzzles simplistic and the graphics (while very pretty- this is coming from a watercolor artist) are basic... I'm not really sure what happened and why games are being shuttled into these simple graphics/characters that are so unsatisfying to play lately.. Maybe I'm a graphics ..searching for non-offensive term here.. um, buff--- but this just doesn't do it for me, too simple- found myself finishing a few chapters and quitting bcs it was just eh..when thinking about loading it up.

Dikano, Jan 28, 2016

Won't run without creating a Uplay account. Seriously? It's 2016 - I thought publishes understood by now that they're not, I repeat: NOT supposed to piss off their customers. Child of Light might be a good game. I'll never know thanks to Ubisoft's ever wise business savvy.