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Chrome Take on the role of Logan, a veteran mercenary turned bounty hunter who is out to make it rich. Using a system of implants, the player is able to manipulate Logan?s personality and abilities in order to accomplish all of the 14 missions where Logan takes part in breathtaking chases using futuristic vehicles, becomes a silent assassin to strike at unwitting enemies, and grabs his heavy plasma gun and implants enhanced muscles to storm through enemy lines. [Strategy First]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 71 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1265
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Sci-Fi, Arcade
Players 1-32
Company / Developer
Strategy First / Techland

Chrome reviews ( 4 )

Jerad_2142, Aug 22, 2013

I loved this game, they did just about everything right. The start of the game is very linear, commander tells you to do x and you do it, but by the middle of that first mission your already having to make your own choices. Single player is difficult, so if you want those easy games you might as well quit reading now. It doesn't take long before you start getting implants, and that's when things really start getting fun, it really allowed you to customize your play style. The vehicles are pretty cool, even though their physics can be rather odd at times. In all, the story more than makes up for any faults the game has, and you should give it a try if your looking for a game from the days when they used to try to make interesting in game plots.

BrianW., Oct 3, 2003

Truly stunning graphics. A couple of bugs here and there, and a few glitches. A.I is a bit hit and miss but otherwise an excelent chioce for fps addicts.

Horus, Oct 1, 2003

Very tired FPS. On the hardest level the AI follows you through walls (you can see it tracking you when you have the thermal implant running) and headshots you from hundreds of metres away before you've even cleared a hilltop. The physics are also poor. You can't fall over cliffs, or drive over rocks, and invisible walls are used to shepherd you through the very linear maps. Aside from that it's absolutely gorgeous, probably the best looking game I've ever played. One for eye-candy lovers only.

x2495iiii, Jan 23, 2014

I never thought I'd see a game make shooting bad guys completely unfun. But then came Chrome. Here's a rundown of my first twenty or so attempts to beat the first mission on normal difficulty. (First time): got killed by the second group of enemies I ran into. Dying is very easy due to high enemy accuracy and a crappy, slow healing meachanic. (Second time): mission was cancelled by my prima donna commander, who won't progress unless I'm holding his hand. (Third time): killed commander as revenge for cancelling the mission. (Fourth time): commander died because a million guys rushed his position, and I could only kill all but two of them. Good to know he can handle himself in a fight. (Fifth - twentieth times): repeats of one of the first four. You're not allowed to do your own thing at any point in this sequence, even if it means completing the mission faster or more safely. You have to follow Commander Uptight's orders or he'll cancel the mission. And when that means staying in a tower with limited ammo and no way of switching to a different weapon or restocking when you're out, your options are die from disobedience or die from letting your commander eat it. The gameplay itself is decent enough. I dislike the way my bullets, even when very carefully aimed, seem to whiz right past my enemies. I also dislike the fact that my enemies are bullet sponges with Olympic marksmanship skills. The worst part is definitely the commander and his ridiculous "orders", though. When a game literally kills you and makes you start the whole level over (no saves or checkpoints) for not playing it the way it wants to be played, it's not really a game so much as an electronic to-do list, and that is most certainly not my idea of fun. I gave it one last chance, and I died from friendly fire. Yeah, this game's putrid. Don't bother with it.