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Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Play with the fate of Legends in a battle of wits, strategy and combat, where lives are gambled on the turn of your cards. Leave your minions behind as you fight your own battles, expand and master your deck, and face the challenge of unique card combat. Chronicle is a new kind of card gaming experience.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1328
Genre Strategy, Miscellaneous, Turn-Based, Card Battle
Company / Developer
Jagex Ltd. / Jagex Ltd.
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Chronicle: RuneScape Legends reviews ( 4 )

fullparagon, Jun 14, 2016

n excellent take on the digital CCG formula that does something very different. Almost closer to a traditional board game than a CCG with a style of play that feels more like a DnD loot run through a dungeon than an epic monster duel. Cards and strategies are well balanced and varied, with many different paths to success. Opponent interaction is also fascinating, as its all about setting traps and surprises to meddle in their own dungeon run before the final show down where you must use your acquired loot to prove you are the superior adventurer. Just make sure that you make it to the final battle, as your rival will be setting traps of their own for you. Getting new rewards and cards comes at a steady pace, with a user earning around a pack a day with a little bit extra if they only play for the daily rewards. If you get into dungeoneering, the draft style formate, the rewards are even more generous, with a mediocre run earning you back your initial investment and a good run earning many times the initial venture. Of course, a poor run will result in a loss, but since it is very reliant on player skill to advance farther with a little practice a decent player will have a net positive in the end.

Brainstrain, Jun 5, 2016

The latest in a stream of games trying to ride the wave of Hearthstone's massive success, Chronicle nonetheless sets itself apart. I doubt it invented the mechanics it employs, but I've never see anything like it before, and have enjoyed learning my way around and figuring out new strategies. It really doesn't play like anything else, and as this genre becomes more and more saturated, that uniqueness is and will continue to be a big advantage.

azgoodaz, Jul 20, 2016

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends is a weird, but different taste/twist on the collection card game genre. It's more of a placing your cards in strategic positions in which so can out smart your opponent. Instead of just battling your opponent hand after hand. They added chapters to the game (game consist of 5 chapters), after the 5th chapter if both heroes are left standing, they battle it out 1v1 style. The one with the most armor and weapon damage will most likely win. Things to know; straight off the bat, the game had server issues once I opened the game. Bad start there. It seemed after I waited a few hours I could actually complete the tutorial. There isn't a campaign, just multiplayer. You can battle against AI's in which you can get practice at the game more. I noticed that the game uses the 24-hour format instead of the 12 hour format. Sadly in settings, there isn't an option to change this. V-sync is turned on automatically once you open the game, be sure to turn that off. The UI does look like something out of 'Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft'... kinda weird. Since it is a free to play game, the game does have micro-transactions to buy new cases to unlock more playing cards. Note: When I was 'practicing' against an AI, the game did a hard crash to the desktop. Game is still buggy (the Steam version). Me personally, I haven't played RuneScape since I was like 13 years old. And now in 2016, I know nothing about the game. Some backstory or even some info to shed some light on why you are fighting... this info would have been useful. What would be added to this game (If I had the power), I would add more animations to the characters on the battlefield. The animations are kinda iffy and lack luster. And lastly, a storyline... maybe? Just because of the different taste/twist on the collection card game genre, I would recommend this game. I came off not liking it since it's "another" card game, but this game seemed kinda fun once you get used to it.

kristoak, Jun 7, 2016

Sorry, but just like every other "F2P" It's masked behind a "Pay to progress faster" philosophy which attempts to shield it away from the "Pay to Win" critique just like hearthstone or even other titles such as Warframe that's completely unrelated to CCG. More people are starting to wake up to the facade, and if your silly enough to believe you're really playing for free with without a disadvantage to paying customers that will pedal " You need to grind longer" , you're either exceptionally delusional, have bad perception of the objective truth or have an extremely addictive personality. This is more about a crusade on the philosophy of FP2. You are not on the same level playing field as a paying customer, you will need to spend money to progress at the same rate as other players. If you don't believe that's paying for an advantage i have a bridge to sell you.