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Cities in Motion 2 Cities in Motion 2 is the sequel to the popular mass transit simulation game Cities in Motion. The Modern Days introduces new features, like multiplayer game modes, day and night cycle, timetables and dynamic cities. The player's actions in building the transportation network will affect how the city grows, with affordable transportation spawning middle class housing and work places, and more expensive and delicate choices bringing in demanding business people. Player has many different types of vehicles to choose from and now can also build roads with bus lanes. Tackling the rush hour by managing transportation timetables and meeting the needs of the citizens are one of the key elements of building a successful and efficient network!

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2064
Genre Simulation, General
Company / Developer
Paradox Interactive / Colossal Order

Cities in Motion 2 reviews ( 7 )

AlexChis, Apr 3, 2013

Oh good God! This game is... AMAZING! Let me tell you why this game, from an independent developer took SimCity's 2013 crown as the best city simulator: 1. This game HAS AGENTS! Just like the new SimCity 2013, don't believe me? Find a citizen on the street (the slang for the term citizen in this game is, ironically.. Cim) and you can follow the Cims in the city. They will do everyday tasks based on a schedule, which i will cover in a later reason why this game is better, they have a STABLE work place, and a STABLE house, not like the Sims in SC2013, who will randomly pick the closest available house and job every day. 2. The next reason why this game is better than SC2013, is related to the Cims. Since each Cim is interdependently simulated by the game, with its own daily routine, this will create traffic problems. Traffic in this game is way more realistic than the one in SC. The cars will actually park on the street (you have this type of road, which btw this game has more road options than all the SC games and Cities XL combined!). Once the car parks next to the job, house, etc, you can see the Cim GOING IN AND OUT of it! Most Cims have cars, close to SC, they will leave their cars and walk close to their work/home. 3. The time is more realistic than SC2013. It does indeed have a day/nigh cycle, but it also has a semi-realistic ingame clock. Each minute in the game is a second in real life, so an hour in the game lasts 1 minute in real life, and a day in the game lasts 24 minutes in real life (there are speed options). This does not stop here, there are weekdays, from Monday to Sunday, and the Cims are actually programmed to act according to these days, meaning you will get a huge rush hour Monday morning and Friday evening, but it will be less traffic on weekends, well less traffic between work and homes. Same applies to night hours, you will not see people wondering the streets at 2 AM... The weekend means that Cims will go to leisure places more. 4. Map size, the thing that in my opinion broke SC2013. I did not have time to compare the maps in this game, which by the way, it has a built in map editor, so people can go crazy and share maps, just like the old SC4 days, think of them as terraforming tools, they do just that, you can morph the terrain, add mountains, rivers, even build a city and use it to make a scenario like the good old Roller Coaster Tycoon days. Back to map size, the map is definitively bigger than the cities in SC2013, but there is a catch, it is a fixed map size, and there are only 6 available cities, different layouts, reliefs but same size, this is also the only available size in the map editor, but as i say, it is bigger than 2x2km, I say, it is somewhere close to 3x3km, I would dare to say that it is as big as the large map from SC4, but don't take my word for it. 5. City building, personally, I like it more that the city grows around your roads, it takes away the burden of micromanagement, comparing it to SC, which is the point of this review, it is better, not like SC2013 gives you many tools, just plop some zones and based on the road density, buildings plop out, well this mechanism is similar in CIM2, the road density affects the size of the building. There are no government buildings, the game generates them, which I think is better since it balances the services, like schools, police stations, etc. The only drawback here is that the schools, police and the rest of the government buildings do not generate education, security, etc, but they do generate work places for Cims. All in all, this is a much more simple city planning, and since SC2013 became so simple, from the two games, CIM2 has a better one. SC4 is still king at city planning, but we are talking about SC2013 here. 6. Mass transit. I will not say a lot here... SC2013 gives you bus stations, trains, which you cannot plop rails btw, and that is it... This game however give you buses, trams, trolleys, metros that can become elevated, and "boat buses". Not a lot of options compared to SC2013, but at least you can draw the lines wherever you want, create lines for each type, and not stay helplessly and watch your buses get stuck in a loop because the agent AI is broken... 7. Most important feature that makes CIM2 better than SC2013... IT HAS MULTIPLAYER. But with no DRM. It actually has a fun multiplayer, you can play with your friends, you share a city with them, but the city gets saves on YOUR computer (and YOUR friends if you play it together).... Let me repeat YOU CAN SAVE YOUR CITY ON YOUR COMPUTER.. So yea, a indie developer destroyed a franchise that ironically, inspired this type of games, but it destroyed itself as well because of corporate greed. Bravo Paradox, you sirs deserve all the internets in the world!

TheLugano, Apr 27, 2013

Great game. If you're a fan of COMPLEX city simulators and the like, get it. The options for building public transit systems are endless. Underground tram? Check. Under/overpasses? Check. Pedestrian paths? Check. If you can think of it, you can build it here. The game has its quirks, the UI is not great, building tram/metro lines is challenging at first, but once you get into it... it's great.

Scritty, Apr 4, 2013

Not quite perfect. A great game with real control, real choices. The editor is a great idea but the lack of a grid is tricky for road laying. But this is nit picking. This game was built with less than 5% of the budget of Simcity...and the result is 5x better. Not having a go at EA, not being spiteful for the sake of it this is a better game than Simcity. It is in fact Sim city for a quarter of the cost to buy and 10x the pleaseure to play.

ThunderHawk, Mar 5, 2014

A great game hampered by just one important thing : UI. First hand, this game is a great mass transit simulator, not a city simulator like Sim City series. Though the Sim City 5 is a total disaster, in hindsight of city building simulator the game you should be purchasing is Sim City 4. Sim City 4 do have their own mass transit, but off course, Cities in Motion 2 have deeper simulation on the mass-transit side, and way less simulation on the city building. That's why we can't compare this game to Sim City series, and why this game will not kill Sim City series. The game itself is great, and fun. There are myriads of options for your mass transit. You can have buses, trolleys, water buses, metros, and trams, though I miss helicopter rides from the previous series. The premise of this game is simple : Connect residential areas to commercial/industrial areas (just like what we must do with mass transit in Sim City series). Each mass transit mode have their own benefits and disadvantages. Buses are simple to build and cheap, but slow and have lower capacity. Trams require tram tracks to be built, but faster and have higher capacity. Metros require metro tracks, which are expensive (and hard to be built) but have even higher capacity, unhindered by traffic, and way faster. The only downside, but a big one, is the UI. I can live with cluttered information, or too much information on screen. But here are things that are very bad in Cities in Motion 2 : - It's really hard to build Metros, due to weird elevation system. The elevation system itself is great, but the lack of information of how much depth I am at is making us hard to do anything underground. - It's hard to build on built-up areas or city with tall buildings, because the game doesn't have the option to "show only your transportation system" - The scheduling is confusing, but can still be handled if you experimented with it. That's it. If you love simulation, this game should be grabbed.

Nazar228, Feb 27, 2018

The game actually went mediocre with other games of this genre. Although, if you like all the games of the genre of urban planning, etc., it is worth to play.

Shareallicu, Jun 3, 2013

I have updated Cities in Motion 2 with the latest patch (1.2.2) and it seems to have more glitches than ever! The trams get stuck at intersections forever, they move forward (block the intersection) and sit there indefinitely. My trams and buses also get stuck behind invisible traffic. They inch up like they would if slow congested traffic is ahead of them, and once in a while a car will become visible. I am deleting glitched vehicles constantly. This game would be the best if they could fix the glitches.

magicmwt, Feb 18, 2014

The system is great. The time table is great. The vehicles are pretty good. But why a bad rating? When you closely observe what your passengers are doing, you get mad. They get out of Line A, (sometimes walk a pretty long distance to) struggle to get on Line B, take a few stops and get out, now guess what? They continue on Line A. Yeah, some direction! This make all the good ideas designing this game meaningless. And worst of all, make all my ideas designing my trans. system meaningless. I'm like, couping with a crowd of insane CO made passengers. You make a big network, you observe, and you know how terrible and broken the AI path-finding is. What's even worse, CO(producer of this game) denied this problem, several times. They said it's working good according to their design. Now I can give the negative rate. I won't vote low just because the game has a problem. In fact, I allow developers find and fix problems because I gave them feed-backs. Now that they said the path-finding is OK in their opinion. Well, then their game deserves a 1 out of 10 voting.