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City Life: World Edition City Life: World Edition, the follow-up to city builder City Life, keeps all the aspects of the original and expands the possibilities through exciting new content and features. Over 100 new buildings, including famous structures such as the White House, the Eiffel Tower, the Kremlin and others are available in the game, along with new maps and a fully-integrated content editor. Now players can create or customize buildings within the game, then share them online with other City Life: World Edition owners. Players can also listen to their favorite music while playing the game by simply importing their favorite MP3 files. [CDV Software]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1232
Genre Strategy, Breeding/Constructing, Management, Government, Business / Tycoon
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
cdv Software / Monte Cristo Multimedia, Monte Cristo

City Life: World Edition reviews ( 3 )

TomL., Feb 25, 2008

This game is a masterpiece as far as building games can go to this date, with its smooth interface it should be a hit!. Its like the High graphics version of sim city, but includes better city control, way realistic!

LiamC., Jun 21, 2007

It's not a bad game, i think it's quite good. Gets some getting used to though. Quite difficult at the start. I played Simcity 4 a lot and practically mastered it. It is a lot different from the Simcity games. You will be surprised how different it is.

JonS., Feb 17, 2008

I judge a game not on the best of the game, but the worst. This game is a waste of money. I get crash, after crash, after error. I have tried this game on more then 7 computers. There are very few building in this game.