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Close Combat: First to Fight Close Combat: First to Fight is an authentic, team-based first-person shooter created under the direction of active-duty United States Marines fresh from the front lines of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Set in a modern mid-eastern urban battleground, players lead a four-man Marine fireteam through the perils of modern urban combat. According to Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Sharp of the United States Marine Corps, "Marines from the First Marine Expeditionary Force have been working closely with Destineer and Atomic throughout development to ensure as much realism as possible in these games." First to Fight is brought to life by a visually advanced 3D engine created from the ground up by Destineer. This engine, filled with next-generation features like volumetric shadows, normal maps, natural skin lighting and specularity, promises to give players a first-hand look at the chaos and terror of modern urban combat. [Gathering]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 69 / 100
User rating
Downloads 915
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Tactical, Modern
Players 8 Online
Company / Developer
2K Games / Destineer

Close Combat: First to Fight reviews ( 4 )

JARHEAD, Oct 17, 2005

I'm enjoying it. It's still relitively new, but it is entertaining, and less than 40 bucks always works. It's no Operation Flashpoint though, then again what is?

AaronB., May 2, 2005

I don't see why everyone is saying this game stinks - I find it pretty fun. The graphics aren't great, but they're good, and the gameplay is pretty tense.

BruceT., Apr 23, 2005

Impressive trailers gave me the idea that the game should be good. Not so. Graphics and sound are acceptable. But the gameplay is just like taking out the garbage. You can play it but there is no enjoyment in playing it. It's so DULL. Not worth the money and the disk space.

SphyrionTechnologies,LLC, Jun 9, 2005

I have not played this game, so I do not know if it is good or not. But I did install it, and when it rebooted my computer for me, my Windows login profile WAS DELETED! Even though my profile was gone, I tried to launch the game and it would not run. Told me it "encountered an error and needed to close". I called their Tech Support hotline, which from their accents seems to be in Australia, and they told me "It is just an unfortunate coincidence and there is nothing we can do. We recommend taking it to a repair shop and have it thouroughly looked at." When I asked them if they were going to foot the bill for this, they told me it was not their responsibility. I replied that it was their responsibility to develop a game that ultimately caused my computer to malfunction, so why were they not responsible for fixing it? My next question referred to a refund of the game purchase price. "Take it back"....... Anyone knows that opened software CANNOT be returned. Bottom line: Do not buy this game, and do not patronize Destineer Studios, the developer, and 2K Games, the publisher.