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Close Combat: Invasion: Normandy Now you'll fight for the Cotentin peninsula, from the landings at Utah Beach to the siege at Cherbourg. In the dense hedgerows of the French countryside, AT teams may be lying in ambush almost anywhere. By placing a premium on infantry tactics, Invasion puts the capital "C" back into Close Combat. [Mattel Interactive]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1179
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Real-Time, Historic, Tactics
Players 1-2
Company / Developer
SSI / Atomic Games
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Close Combat: Invasion: Normandy reviews ( 5 )

orctown-troll, Jan 2, 2014

This game needs to be rebuilt in 2014. To this day this is THE BEST WWII combat simulation game. It is still WAY better than Company of Heroes 1+2, or anything called 'Man of War' or anything developed in Russia. What is sad is that the game finally lacked a big fan base and so resources were never employed to upscale the maps. enhance the graphics or build a larger, longer campaign. This game is a war game done RIGHT. There is real line of sight. Realistic limits on ammo, Realistic morale, and it requires realistic tactics and thought. Units are not build out of unlimited resources. When tanks are destroyed they are gone. when men are dead their force is depleted. There is ambush, hiding, moving out of line and sight, smoke for cover, artillery and air support. Ways for tanks to dominate and ways for infantry to be useful, or to win the game, and eliminate armor when used properly. In many ways it remains in the top 5 games I ever played, and it could be so much better if rebuilt with even a portion of the game making knowledge that has accumulated in the last decade. Firaxis went and rebuilt X-COM and did it pretty well. We need someone to go and rebuild this too, and show the world how a WWII game can be among the BEST EVER. Orctowngrot.

Orctownorc, Oct 3, 2012

Easily the best operational level historical wargame yet made. The year is now 2012 so the challenge is out there for another developer to try and match and improve what was achieved here.

MikeW., Aug 1, 2007

This game is superb, its even better when played multiplayer. It has to be the best WW2 RTS ever produced i just wish Matrix Games would combine it with Korsen Pocket to make a very involving multi-level Grand & Tactical Strategy Game.

m0skit0, Sep 27, 2013

Most realistic tactical-level war real-time simulation by far, Close Combat is one of those underrated gems that few people know. "CC5 Invasion: Normandy" is probably one the best games in the series, which was remade in 2012 with an extended campaign as "CC: The Longest Day". This game challenges you as a commander of troops with realistic behavior, and emphasizes stealth, ambushes and unit pairing over "win by numbers" usually seen in other games. Even battles that seem lost can be won with the right choices and smart use of the troops at your disposal. This is definitely one of the best tactical games I've played along with CC3 and CC4, and I'm still playing it sometimes.

StephenP., Feb 8, 2003

If this represents Normandy, why then did the allies have so much trouble? Poor graphic's and the easiest of all Close Combat games to play. No challange at all for experienced CC players.