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Cloud Chamber Navigate a strange 3D database and work with other players to determine what happened when a secret signal from another appears. Discuss your way through fragments of found footage films, journals and documentary clips about space.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1529
Genre Role-Playing, Adventure, General, Massively Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Investigate North Aps / Investigate North Aps
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Cloud Chamber reviews ( 7 )

Baizzark, Aug 20, 2014

Uncomparable, indescribable This game is uncomparable in the form that it doesn't look like any other game. But it's good!!! This is a game that need to be experienced, because it isn't possible to formulate how it works. It's not an average game and you need to use your intellect when you're playing. I really don't understand why a game like this haven't been made before but I'm happy that its made in Denmark by a danish company, and i think that especially school pupils who's mother tongue isn't English (like me) will be boosted through this game because the game activates your brain, explains some astrophysics and forces you to express yourself in English in a extremely fun way. This game is full pros unlike many other games because you get something in return else than entertainment. This is a game everyone should try and it is worth both time and money.

Fereldin, Aug 12, 2014

After having spent over 40 hours playing Cloud Chamber and completing it, I decided it was time to write a more comprehensive review. The basic premise is that you navigate through a three-dimensional representation of a database, investigating the actions of a scientist and her associates at a research laboratory based out of Denmark. As you discover more information and unlock additional sections or nodes, more questions and answers surface, building a massive web of evidence composed of screenshots, video diaries, e-mail messages, transcripts from scientists, and so forth. What is amazing about the story is that the science is all based on today's knowledge - it's not this unbelievable extraordinary science-fiction story, but one based entirely on science-fact, psychology, and philosophy. You don't collect data or evidence in a physical manner, but you do discuss what you've found with other players in the game, using an in-game forum where up and down-voting is encouraged. Contributing comments, new posts, or replies creates more discussion, and eventually through your contributions, you unlock new venues of information and evidence. As you progress through the 10 chapters, you weave through a complex web of information and clues that only serve to further your addiction and desire for more of the plot. I've been glued to Cloud Chamber since it released, and I've been highly engaged in the story line. Although I consider myself to have considerable knowledge of Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Particle physics, Cloud Chamber has given me new perspective on recent theories that the scientific community is encroaching upon. I've learned several new things, and it's been a real pleasure to carry on discourse with other players, like-minded folk, and those who are curious and want to learn more! As such, this is almost an educational title; I guarantee you that by the time you finish the main story line, you will have a much greater understanding of the micro and macroscopic (without providing spoilers). I was pleased to read that the developer was entertaining the concept of creating additional content, in the form of 'new seasons'. Once you finish the title, you definitely thirst for more! This title has been the best $17 I've spent on entertainment in years. The idea of an interactive feature-film with social network attached, is an insanely brilliant and novel idea! In regards to the production values and cast, I love all the actors thus far and find that the casting was executed perfectly for Cloud Chamber. They have believable reactions, emotions, fears, but behave as I would under their pressure. You really feel like you're a part of the story, and not just a spectator. Videos shot for the title aren't borne of shaky-cam sequences with bad audio; it's clear that the developer, 'Investigate North', hired a professional film crew with solid Directing and a strong Producer. I read in the game's official forums that the value you get from the game is quite high compared to the cost to the end-user. Essentially, you get the value of an IMAX Film with a bag of popcorn -- except with the ability to interact, reverse, rewind, fast-forward, pause, zoom-in and out, all the evidence to try to reveal far more info than you could from a 90-minute theater film, with which you can then discuss with people in almost real-time what you personally took-away from the scene, and see if your perspective and understanding matches those around you. Involving and integrating social media and discourse converts it from a 2 player 'Clue' game to a super-charged 50,000 player investigation game. If you're curious, aren't afraid to post your observations no matter how silly/simple or super complex and extraordinary they may seem, you'll get far in Cloud Chamber. The title rewards those that are curious, investigative, and contribute, and that can either be by posting your perspective, or commenting and up-voting someone else's opinion. Have no fear, new players coming-in today to the game won't be greeted by a game that "has already been discovered and spoiled", according to other negative reviews I've read elsewhere. Even if you've completed the initial story line, you can go back to the game to see what other ideas people have posted; to glean more info and perhaps formulate a better understanding of the 'end-game'. As for the Score, the soundtrack really made it for me; I was already glued to the story line, but the music just cemented the whole experience for me. A combination of Electronic, Trance, and Progressive from the likes of Burial, Trentemøller, Lulu Rouge, Nero, and many others; I desperately searched for an official soundtrack, but thanks to the developer and other players in the discussion forums, we were able to put a playlist together and I've since obtained my favorite tracks from official sources. This is one developer I'll be keeping tabs on!

RLopes, Sep 12, 2014

This game is AWESOME. There's nothing like it. From investigation lovers to game designers, this game should be played even if only for it's concept and execution alone. I really hope this opens a new path to interactive stories and game narrative. As for the technical level, we really get a kick from analizing a photo or a video and finding things that no one has seen before, connecting dots, coming up and disproving theories basing our arguments on these 'fictional facts'. Conspiracy theorists: this game is for you. There is no gameplay; only discussions, theories and some serious and true investigation involved, that sometimes even extends to real-life references, places or events. It's a rich and immersive experience with an excellent and addictive soundtrack that glues all together and sticks in your head even when you're out of the game, along with all the theories and facts and timelines swirling around inside your head in a giant brainstorm. This game is not recommended; this game is an absolute must play for all game lovers because it's rich, immersive and complete. We should support truly new projects like this, so go buy it NOW.

Marvin431, Aug 14, 2014

Cloud Chamber is probably the best story game I've ever played. The characters, the storyline, the music, the interaction with other players are just perfect. I've spent more than 30 hours in the game and it's worth it!

gondorle, Aug 15, 2014

Wow, this game rocked my world. Seriously, it is a breakthrough in gaming and something most of us have desired for quite some time. For the people that are thinking in buying it, buy it if you have the heart of a scientist! Seriously, the game touches subjects like Black Holes, parallel dimensions, signals from deep space, the big bang, stars, sound, light...come on, every astrophysicist would love to play this game. I'm no pHD but I do understand most of the stuff that's in the game, although I can't for my sake speculate on the truthfullness of it all. But thats what google is for I guess. Anyway, you are YOU, investigating what the hell happened in that institute and your partners are the other players. You will investigate, search, assume and follow guidelines given from other players and given by the game itself in the form of videos, photos, notes and subtle stuff you see on the way to the "end" of the game. I won't go into much detail here. Now, who cares if you need to install Quicktime?'s one of those things I couldn't care less about. The game was made by very intelligent people let me assure you. This is a step forward in gaming. Buy it if you love science! Buy it if you love to investigate and explore the social aspects of cooperation via internet. Buy it and you won't regret it. It is a privilege for me to play this game. I will surely keep spreading the word and show how wonderful this game is. The developers and all the team behind it are genius and that's that.

mistinshadows, Aug 13, 2014

I have enjoyed every minute of my time so far with Cloud Chamber, and I still feel like there is a whole world of mystery left to explore. I adore games that are smart and stretch my brain, while stil lbeing fun. This game nails it on every front. And a nice bonus is the community is also intelligent and polite, making it a true joy to express my theories and ideas within the game boards.

sclark13, Sep 7, 2014

The most heinous crime this game commits is the pseudoscience it teaches investigating players. Sound waves are sound waves, light waves are light waves, and never the two shall meet in science. After recognizing the violation of this basic premise of physics, I quickly realized that all the "clues" were just pointless time-wasters adding nothing to story or entertainment of the game. If anything, the clues only pile on the misinformation about the laws of physics, astrophysics, astronomy, and science in general; after walking away from this game I literally feel stupider for having played it.