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Cloudberry Kingdom Cloudberry Kingdom, the land where good heroes go to die, and Bob is the best of them all. Bob sits on the precipice of retirement, recliner ready, but first he must get back what he lost years ago. Jump and dodge your way through billions of levels on a last ditch mission to conquer infinity. The quest was never over. The princess was never saved. A challenge is waiting, are you ready?
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 69 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1301
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / Pwnee Studios
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Cloudberry Kingdom reviews ( 5 )

DraganCar, Aug 14, 2013

This game is not really hardcore as alot say the difficulty is medium-hard because the game never stops making you always be at the top of the game and when u pass a level that u failed like 10 times u will have a great feeling of accomplishment that is why i love this game.

creyana, Aug 23, 2013

This game is not only hard but it makes feel amazing well after passing a hardcore level. In the beginning is difficult but as you get the pace, believe me you will enjoy it. Definitely worth the cost! Sound 10 Gameplay 10+ Graphics 9

ShortReview, Aug 3, 2013

This game is amazing. It has a great soundtrack with beautiful visuals to match. The game levels scale up to your level so you never feel cheated. The game is an all round near masterpiece. Graphics 8 Sound 9 Game play -9

sypisybi, Aug 22, 2013

Everything about Cloudberry kingdom feels polished, the only thing that prevents it from being a mostly perfect game is that even though the levels are unlimited and change depending on your performance, that doesn't prevent them all from feeling the same. Other jumping and platforming games such as Super Meat Boy and Dust Force have a lot less levels, but each level in them are expertly designed and have themes of their own.

Jacethegamerman, Aug 25, 2013

This is a pretty good game for people who enjoy rage games and people who like platformers its a great style and also its got unlimited replay ability because it procedurally generated great game and the cutscenes are pretty cool