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Clustertruck ClusterTruck is a chaotic physics based truckformer. Jump your way through insane levels in a game of "the floor is lava" on top of speeding trucks driven by terrible drivers.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1321
Genre Action, Platformer, 3D
Company / Developer
tinyBuild / LandFall Games, LandFall
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Clustertruck reviews ( 6 )

EttGlasVatten, Sep 28, 2016

This game is freaking amazing! Jump on truck. Stay on truck! Pretty much it, and really playful abilities! Great variety of levels. My favorite indie game of the year!

H4T3F, Oct 13, 2016

its really an amazing game it doesn't make sense,its buggy as hell,doesn't have a story but its fun! one of my favorite games of this year you should get it its really fun and awesome and you will die of laughter (probably)when playing this game

RedLemon, Jan 4, 2017

Totally amazing experience. Soundtrack is great! Gameplay is great! If you ignore all the bugs the game has then you will enjoy Clustertruck. The game title wasn't misleading and I got what I saw. It's a Cluster ton of Trucks! My favourite song is the Truck or Treat by Karl Flodin

ToFewViews, Dec 4, 2016

ClusterTruck is a extremely fast paced plat-former where the levels consist of jumping from roof to roof on trucks that have a mind of your own. They move around quite random and can make it difficult to not fall to your death. Maps usually have massive drop offs, ramps, Slow motion, death traps and many other ways to die. There is also a nice amount of themes to the maps, Some Retro some medieval but it helps keep the game fresh.ClusterTruck shines when you are in the middle of those "Oh crap" Moments, When your go off of a drop off or double jumping hundreds of meters ahead you get a great feeling of speed and action. ClusterTruck is at it's prime when you start to master the game and learn how to double jump just right or how to handle your speed and momentum.There are lots of upgrades to choose from like Jet pack or double jump that can completely change how you play. The game has a fair amount of levels to work your way through but they also have a level editor so the possibilities are endless. If your a fan of fast paced extremely intense action games I really Recommend ClusterTruck, It's in a league of it's own.

MotzaBall, Mar 29, 2018

At its core ClusterTruck is an addictive balls on the walls speed platformer that will leave you satisfied when you accomplish any one of its 90+ levels Definitely pick this title up

CynicMimic, Aug 12, 2017

Welcome to a world where trucks have developed sentience and gone rogue, intent on the destruction of each other and everything in their path. Where the floor, walls, and pretty much everything other than trucks is basically lava; and sometimes also has sentience and will move specifically to get in your way. It's just you: an invisible.. bouncy... thing... Against this world. Yep the game makes no sense at all, and it's not supposed to. The weirdness got a laugh or two from me at first but the novelty wore off quickly, and I realized that while each section of the game might look different, the levels all play pretty much the same. Jump on some trucks, don’t touch anything else, and reach the finish line without dying. It got repetitive. The gameplay also has a lot of randomness to it that didn’t appeal to me. This isn't the type of game where you can memorize a good path and then master it in order to finish a level quicker and with more points. The trucks seem to be given a set direction to drive forward, but then the wacky physics do the rest and set everything in motion in unexpected ways, so you have to rely on your reflexes in the moment. Meaning there’s really no “getting better” at this game. Once you’ve got used to the controls and how everything works, you’ve reached the limit of your own potential, and anywhere your abilities are lacking can only be helped by sheer luck. Not really my thing. At first I thought I’d like this one, but the randomness and lack of variety in the gameplay turned me off after a few hours.