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Clutch A hobo former mechanic known as "Clutch" finds a new home in the camp of the Harvesters, a miscreant bunch of daredevils who hunt for treasure in the warped ruins of the Large Hadron Collider. Hiding inside the quarantine perimeter, they build cars and equipment to infiltrate what used to be the LHC campus before the thing was powered up for the first time. Radiation and mutants take their toll, but things brought into this world by the unknown energies of the LHC are worth a life, especially if it's someone else's. Once something new is located, the death race begins. And the rumor has it that deep down in the core of the LHC there is the ultimate prize. [GFI]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 53 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1084
Genre Driving, Racing, General, Arcade, Demolition Derby, Automobile
Company / Developer
GFI / Targem Games
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Clutch reviews ( 3 )

TGMode, Oct 16, 2013

Bills it'self as the new Carmageddon but fails to hit the mark by a country mile. But the good news is that the new Carmageddon is out soon so I'd wait for that. This game is currently £9.99 on steam and it's OK, but it's not good. Steam will probably be having a sale around Halloween and if this is a few quid then probably worth a look.

Krizuwe, Nov 21, 2013

Un juego entretenido, cumple con lo que sirve, un juego para pasar el rato, trata de atropellar zombis con el coche, nada mas. Puede ser aburrido al rato...

Sandweech, Jan 23, 2015

Hmm, let’s see here, a racing game where you run down zombies. lame. I sure am sick of zombies in video games these days…oh okay, this game came out in 2009. "I guess it might be fun for an hour or two." And it is…for about two hours this game is pretty fun. Then you’ll be like, running down zombies in your spiky car, and you’ll think to yourself 'this game sure is incredibly repetitive even for a racing game’, and then you’ll turn it off, and then you’ll uninstall it, and then you’ll forget about it forever. If you spend $10 on this game…don’t spend $10 on this game, because it’s worth about a buck twenty-five tops. Not to say that there's anything wrong with this game though. I mean, the controls are good and are somewhat reminiscent of Daytona, the graphics although outdated aren't bad looking, the soundtrack is acceptable and fits the carnage, the racing is decent, and there are various modes to play such as straight up racing, demolition derby, and other zombie hit em’ up type challenges. But still, even with the diversity in modes, this game still won’t entertain you after a few hours. Maybe if the developers got off of their high horses and lowered the price somewhere closer to a buck twenty-five then I could maybe recommend this game for the few hours of entertainment that it will dish out. But no, they insist on asking for $10 for this zombie racing game that was originally released over 6 years ago; which is basically just a newer, inferior version of Carmageddon. Darn it, now I kind of want to play Carmageddon. The best part about this game is how it tries to shove its awful story directly down your throat; presented before each challenge in stylish dialogue boxes made up of terrible writing that sounds like some drunken Russian wrote it. “Oh, what’s that? Everyone in the city is zombie? You guys want to race? Oh yeah, and we can also go around helping people being attacked in their cars by zombies.” Give me a break, why can’t these people just drive away on their own? Their cars work fine, and they do drive away when you help them anyway! And wait a minute, I thought everyone in the city was a zombie except me? On second thought, I can’t even recommend this game for a buck twenty-five. No, no, this game is worth more like forty nine cents; which is about what I paid for it; so I guess I can’t be too mad.