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Cobalt Colbalt is a wacky action platformer from indie developer Mojang.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 71 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1081
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
Mojang AB / Oxeye

Cobalt reviews ( 6 )

Isogash, Feb 3, 2016

To me this game is already a timeless classic. Story: 8/10. A solid plot with plenty of humour. Not a masterpiece, but the story is conveyed excellently through the campaign style. Story mode is not the primary focus of Cobalt, but it is a lengthy, challenging and rewarding campaign. The lore behind the game is intriguing and leaks through into some of the arcade mode maps, which I think is a really nice touch. Graphics: 9/10. It's not beautiful pixel art and it's no Mona Lisa, but playing some of the custom maps completely convinced me that this game can look really amazing. Sound: 9/10. The music is catchy and memorable and the sound fx perfectly match what is happening in-game, slowing down when the time dilation kicks in. I can't think of anything I would change here. Gameplay: Beyond 10. In an age of games where the gameplay is often left to one side, Cobalt turns around and says "here's what it means to be a gameplay focused game." The entire game is physical and feels very natural after a while at the controls. There are really endless possibilities to what can be done inside the Cobalt engine, which is why I'm incredibly excited to see that there are already modding possibilities. Never before have I played a game that creates so many awesome moments. Doing a backflip over a missile whilst shooting your gun at a grenade so it bounces off a wall and into another player is just tame to me now. This is the game that will make you squeal, will make you sweat and will make you feel like the most awesome person in the universe. Cobalt sets the bar for gameplay now. Forget Mario, forget Smash Bros, forget every other game under the sun. I will never be able to look at another game again the same way. If you think this is just another arena brawler like Duck Game and Towerfall then think again. I can't play those kind of games anymore without thinking "man, I'd rather just be playing Cobalt."

judahdragon3d, Jun 25, 2016

A fun, awesome game with a fun but hard story and a great multiplayer arcade mode. The time dilation is a super fun and cool aspect of the game which makes you feel badass!

zarte13, Feb 25, 2016

One of the best Mojang game(after Mincraft but before scrolls) The story is good but it's not the best as to expect from Mojang but overall it's good...

Ninty, Feb 2, 2016

This game has refreshing mechanics that lead to a very unique and unexpected experience. If Cobalt could get more publicity, it definitely deserves it for its refreshing feel and gameplay.

Kaux, Mar 6, 2016

The mechanics contain potential, and the 'bullet-time physics' make Cobalt an interesting game. The graphic style is quite nice, however the level design can be slightly repetitive at times. Although not the main focus, the story is relatively long and provides a generally enjoyable experience. The boss fights are however too repetitive and seem to simply increase the health and damage of the bosses. Cobalt has a core gameplay style which is different from competitors, however it could have been executed in a more creative manor with better level design and more minor mechanics.

Underpants158, Jun 29, 2016

Really mediocre across the board. -story: tries to go for funny but misses the mark. -controls leave a lot to be desired. So you shoot a lot in this game but you really don't have much control over your aim. It's either straight forward or push up or down to auto aim. It would be better if you could use the right analog stick to aim but you can not. Also you can't arc grenades which....why? -Gameplay: The most interesting part is that you deflect bullets when rolling but it's not all that useful. Levels don't have a real flow to them. -Graphics: art style is generic but not bad.