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Code of Princess The Kingdom of Deluxia is under siege, over-run with monsters on one end and an invading army on the other. The princess flees for her life, relying on the holy blade to return her beloved land back to it's former glory. Customize your characters to become the ultimate warrior. Battle against onslaughts of foes and help restore the once prosperous Kingdom to its peaceful days. Call upon the different powers of your allies to assist you on your quest. Who will you choose to aid you in this dangerous journey? Whether you choose to fight alone or travel in a group,the future of Deluxia is now in your hands.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 55 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1226
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Company / Developer
Degica / Studio Saizensen

Code of Princess reviews ( 3 )

nicolas_sky, Oct 19, 2016

Excelente video juego, simple, sencillo y sin cosas complicadas. Si disfrutaron de Guardian Heroes en Saturn, este juegazo les encantara por sus muchas similitudes. Code of Pricess es un port perfecto de la version de 3DS, y ahora aparece para PC para que mas gente lo disfrute. Una autentica joya. Muy bueno.

Captain_Chaos, Apr 17, 2017

An entertaining little Beat 'Em Up/RPG hybrid with an extremely large roster of playable characters. There are just four in the campaign mode, but it would appear that ANY character in the game is playble in free play, including, funnily enough, incidental nameless NPCs. Given that individual levels are quite short, consisting of just a few enemies and/or a single boss, there a lot of levels in total, including many bonus levels that are as one might expect, much harder then the campaign. In combat, you can whail on enemies using light or heavy attacks, and the main characters at least have a small set of special attacks that are activated with 2D-Fighter-style directional inputs. There is a large amount of equippable gear items to find, overall making the game similar to other Japanese games like Earth Defense Force or Samurai Warriors, where the design philosphy seems to be to squeeze the maximum amount of gameplay out of a set number of assets. Wether this is good game design or not is up to the player. I've enjoyed many games of this type, including the aforementioned ones as well as Naval Ops: Commander and the English version of Shin Combat Choro Q, called Seek And Destroy in the US. The music and in-game voice lines of Code of Princess are a tad repeitive, as the characters make the same callouts every time they use even basic attacks, but the English subtitles are hilarious and very self-aware, and worth reading. Looking forward to trying the coop mode.

BasilZero, Apr 17, 2018

Game: Code of Princess Genre: Action RPG Developer: Studio Saizensen Publisher: Degica System: Steam (PC) Year of Release: 2016 Length of Playthrough: 7 Hours Total Score: 78/100 Value Score: 7.8/10 • Story: 7/10 • Characters: 8/10 • GamePlay: 7/10 • Graphics: 6/10 • Sound: 9/10 • Music: 7/10 • Length: 7/10 • Replay Value: 9/10 • Player Value: 8/10 Pros +4 Playable characters in the main story mode and over 30 playable characters in Free Play and Bonus Quest mode +Three single player modes, Main Campaign which is story, Free play allows you to play story levels without cutscenes and Bonus Quest mode which allows you to fight harder enemies +Online mode allows you to play together with another person or against +Option to play in 3 different visual modes (one that looks like you are on a 3DS screen, one that looks like you are playing a DS game on the Wii and a close up of the top screen) +Complete voice acting in cutscenes +Ability to customize your characters stats and equips on however you want Cons -Repetitive gameplay and repetitive enemy designs (with color changes) -Characters are super pixelated due to developers not changing much on from 3DS to PC porting -Voice acting is only in Japanese