Colin McRae Rally 04 Crack/Patch

Colin McRae Rally 04 Features up to 8 single and multiplayer game modes including new 2WD normal/advanced, 4WD normal/advanced, Group B modes, Expert and rallies. Drive any car from the start in the Open Championship Mode and compete in a full rally season or specialise in a four or two wheel drive championship. Create customised rallies. Put together your favourite or themed stages such as straights, jumps or hills, which can be compiled, saved and played at any time. Different levels of damage linked to difficulty settings - adapt your playing style as you progress through difficulty levels. Forty-eight tracks and four shakedown stages through eight countries including UK, Australia, Finland, Japan and the USA. Over twenty incredibly detailed vehicles constructed with improved physics and handling giving even more control, including Citroen Xsara, Mitsubishi EVO 7 and Subaru Impreza. [Codemasters]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 89 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1113
Genre Driving, Racing, Simulation, Rally / Offroad, Automobile
Players 1-8
Company / Developer
Codemasters / Codemasters

Colin McRae Rally 04 reviews ( 6 )

ElgManSoHo, Apr 20, 2004

Hey crap Head and barf brain please dont make more reviews, it smells of teens. Its the best racing game on pc, always been. So it must be a 10 (and i must give it to add to the score, after those to)

LiamM., Jan 2, 2008

Trust me! This game is not that bad at all! Infact it's perfect in every way! The graphics are great, The value was good, You have Colin McRae as your Co-driver and It feels like you're in for an adventure. Although this game was 4 years ago, go get it now!

XDavidX, Nov 23, 2015

The game is just amazing. I love play this game. For me this game is amazing ! Nothing more to comment because this game is amazing ! I rate this 10/10

RelaxWouldYou, Apr 14, 2004

Disappointed very and Puke Barf what is your idea of a good racing game? Oh no I can't use my mouse to navigate the menu system what will I ever do. This is a great game loads of fun. Nothing revolutionary but a great way to waste some time tearing through tracks across the globe. Graphics have improved over 03 which is a bonus. As far as physics have either diappointed or puke ever driven a real rally car? I think not. You guys need to chill out. Worst racing game ever! Give me a break. You 2 need to get out more often.

DonnieBrasco, Apr 22, 2004

Elgman, please grow up. This is not a racing game, it's a poor arcade with completely unrealistic physical model and extremely poor graphic. It is a shame to see another old famous title go down the console drain after NFS... :(

Disappointedvery, Apr 8, 2004

This game bytes the big one. Graphics dont impress. Gameplay is lame-o. What a complete waste of hard drive space. This is why so many people download games. They have too because manufacturers package crap constantly! After considerate time setting up the game I realized fishing is an exciting sport compared to this 'Rally' stuff. Thanks Codemasters.....more dollars well spent on programmers!!! Riaa mpiaa whoever is protecting u should be let from their job and could be programming better games.