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Combat Arms Combat Arms is a free-to-play, online multiplayer, first-person shooter game. Combat Arms enlists players into various battlefields across the globe to face-off against other ambitious soldiers of fortune, delivering gamers a high-quality FPS with an extensive arsenal of weapons, no locked areas, and no monthly subscription fees. Players earn their keep through precise marksmanship, teamwork and stealth.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2383
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Modern, Arcade
Company / Developer
Nexon / Nexon
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Combat Arms reviews ( 5 )

ZuriT., Oct 10, 2009

I've been playing the game for more than a year now, and I have to say that Combat Arms has become a pretty significant part of my gaming life. I started out as a noob who didn't know one end of a gun from the other, and now I'm leading a very strong clan in the game. The game's engine runs seamlessly, even on lower-end computers, but it's also capable of high-resolution gameplay. I don't know of any other free FPS that I can run in 1920x1080 resolution. There are more than 10 maps to play on, all fairly small, but that's part of what makes the action so fast-paced and intense. The graphics, if you turn on the highest settings, are right up there with PS2 favorites such as SOCOM 3. The only significant problems lie in the people that play. The game is fairly easily hacked, but luckily, most people don't know how to write hacking programs. Only when new hacking sites surface is there a new surge in hackers. Nexon is not the fastest at getting the hack sites out of business, but they do work on it (ex: TGS hacking site went out of business Q2 2009) Also, plenty of people under 13 lie about their ages and get into the game and cause ruckus and chaos for the other players. The game does have flaws which keep some of the more hardcore players on games such as Counter-Strike and Call of Duty 4, but for a price tag that can't be beat (free! :D), players who don't have so much money to spend would definitely be missing out on some serious action if they didn't check Combat Arms out.

Jackho, May 2, 2009

Graphics: 6/10 good for a free game but doesnt hold a candle to 'real' games Gameplay 8/10 very good and addictive and with a low low price of FREE you cant go wrong though the huge amount of hackers take the fun out at times but if you can find some earnest players its pretty damn good!

Travistech, Jan 17, 2013

Rated purely as a multiplayer experience, Nexon's Combat Arms is among the best out there. A slew of gameplay modes, more guns than possibly any other game ever made, detailed, well-laid out maps, and in-depth character customization make a potent combination for any FPS fan. Sounds incredible, yeah? However, when looking at the tangential factors, cracks in this lovely facade appear, revealing the gooey mess of the game's core. The P2W model is a good starting point. There's good and bad ways to implement this model, and Combat Arms(abbreviated CA) has done poorly in this regard. Weapons that can be bought permanently with in-game currency (GP) are limited to extremely rare special events, and the prices are often beyond the means of most players. So you rent guns for fixed periods of time. A recent update has removed the option to rent for one day, which basically ties you to playing the game for at least a week solid to recoup your losses from rentals. Now, if you're willing to throw cash at the game, then there's awesome gear a-plenty for perm and rent available to you. I've personally sprung for a few guns during my playtime as a gesture of goodwill and appreciation towards Nexon back when I was more inclined to like them. As an aside, I consider buying gear with cash in a game to be like a tip. The devs have provided a product to you, said you don't have to pay, but if you'd like to thank them, buying a gun helps both you and them. Increasingly imbalanced gear, guns, and characters have been introduced, breaking the game quite badly in favor of paying players. Some of the gametypes introduce thoroughly frustrating situations, such as the horde mode Fireteam, where in the zombie maps you probably shouldn't bother showing up without the biggest backpack you can afford and at least three MGs, if not going in for a specialist, medkits, and a minigun. Oh, speaking of the minigun and spec weapons, the piss-poor netcode and optimization results in more than one person using the minigun per map to cause lag, and anyone using the flamethrower will drag the game to a crawl. Optimization problems are very prevalent in the game, largely due to the ancient Jupiter engine the game is sourced on, which was never meant to handle the type of game that Combat Arms is and has become. And then you have the hackers. There have been three great hacker wars so far, and a fourth seems to be brewing on the horizon. CA's dev team can't seem to patch all the holes in the engine, and to top it off, there are design issues on maps that have been repeatedly ignored. The community is also a sore point. CA, largely due to its age and marketing, is filled with the most obnoxious sort of online gamers. Griefers, hackers, potty-mouthed tweens, they're all here. There are good players who play clean, polite, and respectfully. But they're few and far between, and they often become just as poisonous as the other players as an insulation technique. In short, CA is a great concept with an African warlord's armory worth of firepower, let down by bad coding, hacking, a horrid community, and design that not so much nudges as boots players in the direction of the cash shop.

rainc1oud, Dec 4, 2012

this game is very laggy for ALL users and yet people still willing to play this game, despite it's huge amount of hackers, poor design and not to mention it's overpriced guns

TheBlastPassage, Aug 23, 2013

At first, this was a fun game. It was enjoyable and at the time, was a decent shooter. But all of the: hackers, glitchers, and people who kick you for their own made up rules like; shifting, and like that. Why do you get kicked for sprinting? What's next, kicked for "clicking". Actually, that already happens. If you don't suck as much ass as all the infant children who play this, you must be a hacker. Bottom line: Don't ever play this. At first you'll like it, then you get kicked randomly