Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars Crack With License Key

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars It is 2047 and the stakes could not be higher. Tiberium—a self-replicating alien substance that has infected the Earth—is spreading like a radioactive ice age. The GDI, a high-tech alliance of the world’s most advanced nations, is fighting to contain Tiberium, but Kane, the megalomaniacal leader of The Brotherhood of NOD has other plans for Earth. Kane’s secret society turned superpower is bent on using Tiberium to take control and transform humanity into his twisted vision of the future. All-out war rages over Tiberium and the fate of the planet rests in the balance. Experience a revolution in RTS gaming with a single player campaign that rewards you for your gameplay style. Add layers of strategy to your gaming experience by building mobile bases, wielding the power of terrifying Ion Storms on the battlefield, or customizing your armies by combining units. Battle it out online with native voice-over IP, integrated clan support, and new spectator modes that let you play RTS games like a sport. [Electronic Arts]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 87 / 100
User rating
Downloads 4554
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Sci-Fi, General
Players 8 Online
Company / Developer
EA Games / EA LA
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Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars reviews ( 5 )

antdude, Oct 4, 2010

I enjoyed the game and even bought Kane's Wrath. It's very pretty. It is not the best C&C game, but it is the last good one in the series. RA3 and C&C4 were bad. :(

SharbazR., Mar 6, 2007

OFMG! EA has brought C&C back from the dead and it's even better than I could have ever imagined! If you've ever played an RTS game before, you'd be a fool not to go out a buy this one!

DaveK., Jun 1, 2007

An excellent extension of the C&C series, it suffers from slight balance issues, but still a total blast. It's reminiscent of the classic games, but with a shiny engine and, woohoo, they brought back good ole human videos. Multiplayer is a blast, but not too much of a metagame that I saw, although I'm much more into single player. Plenty of room for mods makes this worth buying for now and later.

Rich, Mar 28, 2007

EA should learn that high production values =/= fun gameplay. The cutscenes with Kane and Michael Ironside are cool, but that gameplay itself is tired; we've all played it before. The RTS genre innovates at a snail's pace; C&C3 shows why. If you've been spoiled by SupComm and CoH, save your money.

AndyM., May 28, 2007

Pretty Average. No skills needed. I've played all C&C,an apart from good graphics and video cut scenes, there is no gameplay advance over the last C&C some 3 yrs ago!! Disappointing to a past fan, but with EA marketing push it'll sell.