Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies Crack With Activation Code Latest 2020

Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies The Western Front Armies is available as a stand-alone package that represents an entry point into the franchise and access to the vibrant Company of Heroes 2 community. New players can also access 23 existing Company of Heroes 2 maps in auto-match, and play against all other existing factions.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2164
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, General, Historic
Company / Developer
Sega / Relic, Relic Entertainment
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Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies reviews ( 7 )

Durabor, Nov 11, 2014

A very good expansion pack to a already great multiplayer game. New factions didn't dısturb the balance too much and ımbalances and bugs are mostly ironed out already. Price is so low it's almost idiotic on relic's part.

infin, Aug 20, 2014

With the new armies there is so much variety and the balance is very even. Awesome multiplayer experience. Connection issues have been all resolved. New commanders and item drops also add a bit of customization to your army.

Goneforcoffee, Jun 24, 2014

This is what Company of heroes 2 should have been like all along. At the price of 20€ for us Europeans it is nothing less then a steal. It completely transforms the game into something with a little more edge. The units, the graphics and even the physics seem to have gotten an overhaul, with the welcome addition of two new armies and the introduction of the American forces. Another welcome addition is the new lobby system that now allows for users to make their own custom matches without all the hassle of only being able to invite friends via steam. On top of the lobby system, is now the new "spoils of war" loot system, that will randomly drop you a "supply crate" after a game has ended, rewarding you with a random new upgrade weather its a new commander, skin or bulletin of various "rareness". A brilliant little feature. All in all, if you liked the original Company of heroes or the sequal, the Western Front Armies is nothing short of a must buy.

Backdatassup, Jun 25, 2014

It's amazing how much of a difference Western Front Armies has brought to the game. The factions are a breath of fresh air, different and unique enough to the extent that I dont see myself playing the Soviet or German forces for a while. Also shocking is how balanced the factions are, which is unprecedented. Granted there will likely be a few tweaks on a few units soon enough, but all things considered, it's quite an excellent feat. Combined with the patches that have made the game even more enjoyable, it's difficult to fault Relic here. They've really done the right thing by their fans, which is lovely.

Clocksta, Jun 28, 2014

As an admirer and fan of this game franchise I can say Company of Heroes finally returns more to its origins of the original game with this update. The expansion game is multiplayer oriented and is now a lot more dynamic offering many new strategies and units to use. The pace feels steady and is no longer hampered by long range tanks that would stall games. This expansion puts a much needed breathe of fresh life into the existing game. The new armies for both sides do a good job complimenting the preexisting Soviet and German armies. The balance does have some issues, and is sure to be tinkered with by the Relic developers. What is obvious in the characteristics of the new armies, is that you can see a path in which Relic could add an additional expansion bringing back famed armies from it's previous series, the Brits and Panzer Elite. On whole, the game is worth the $20. It's still top in the top class for strategy games but still remains in the shadows of Blizzard's Starcraft II for strategy game dominance. With this expansion and the further development that is looking to come, Company of Heroes is looking like it might regain it's reins as a high standing competitive strategy game.

Banhammer0, Aug 12, 2014

>GOODGood thing it add two new armies and a few maps as well as a way to get premium items you previously had to pay for. Bad things well, It suffers from some balance issues, and the design of USF is absolutely terrible. The new German army is much better though. Despite game having awesome map editor the devs only added a handful of new maps to ranked battes. Some more bugs after the expansion. I would score it higher but it shares the issues of the base games such as selling units/abilities as DLCs, having too few maps in ranked automatch and lack of balance. 7/10

cmstorm, Jan 18, 2015

This game should not exist, it is very bad, I do not know what kind of people play this game, when I think I know one .... The graphics are bad, the sound deafening, the gameplay sucks